Prince Albert Calls Out Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for Airing Family’s Dirty Laundry

BBC World News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry probably had their reasons for wanting to sit down and talk to Oprah, but not everyone thinks it was a good idea. Some people don’t believe them, and it does seem that some things they said were misleading. The royal family is upset by comments the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made as well.

The Queen’s official statement is that “recollections may vary” and that she would like to handle discussions privately. She’s not the only one who thinks that’s a good idea.

Recently, Prince Albert of Monaco weighed in on Oprah interview, and he seems to think that private conversations are the way to go as well. Watch the video below to see his thoughts about Meghan and Harry airing their dirty laundry with the world.

It seems that Prince Albert is on the same page as the British royal family as far as wanting to keep conversations private. In this situation, it’s kind of too late. The Oprah interview has aired, and Gayle King even shared more information on live TV after speaking to Meghan and Harry over the phone.

In case you missed it, Meghan and Harry made several shocking revelations during the Oprah interview. They mentioned that someone in the family seemed concerned about what color Archie’s skin would be; however, they would not mention who made the comment. Meghan also said that she never made Kate cry as the press said, but in fact Kate made her cry. Then there was the revelation that she felt suicidal at one point but was told she was not allowed to seek help.

The interview certainly did not make Harry’s family very happy. He said he was disappointed by his dad who stopped taking his calls at one point. He also shared that he was not on the best terms with his brother and described both his dad and brother as “trapped.” This is his family, so hopefully he will one day be on good terms with them again. They have talked since the interview, but Harry didn’t think it was “productive.”

Does it surprise you that Prince Albert thinks it was a bad idea for Harry and Meghan to agree to a tell-all interview with Oprah?