13 People Share the Most Pressing Questions They Want Boomers to Answer

aletia via Deposit Photos

Each generation grew up with a unique set of circumstances, and that causes each generation to have certain quirks that other generations simply don’t understand. For example, while Millennials basically grew up with computers and cell phones, older generations don’t have the same background.

Now take Baby Boomers. This generation was born between 1946 and 1964. Many of them are currently grandparents or great-grandparents, and many of them probably also rely on their children or their grandchildren to help them fix computer glitches.

Scroll down to discover 13 questions people from younger generations have for the Boomer generation. If you’re a Boomer, maybe you can answer these questions for us. If you’re not, you’ll probably relate to the confusion about why this older generation does some of the things that they do.

  1. Updates vs Emails

  2. Chip Reader

  3. What They Care About

  4. Is That Email Fake?


  6. Talking Too Much

  7. Too Loud

  8. O.K. vs ok

  9. “The Covid”

  10. Ellipses

  11. Cash

  12. TV

  13. Favorite Emoji