Pregnant Man and Multiracial Handshakes Are Among the New Emojis That We Could Be Seeing Soon

@Emojipedia via Twitter

There are new emojis coming, and we’re actually pretty excited about it. Many people love using emojis in texts and on social media. They’re a fun and easy way to convey thoughts and feelings. However, sometimes we just can’t seem to find the exact right emoji to express what we want to convey.

Thankfully, Emojipedia has created multiple new emojis, and there are some that we’ll probably use all the time, like an emoji to convey holding back tears, and another emoji that looks like a slide at a playground.

Many other new emojis come in a variety of skin tones to represent pretty much any race. There are multiracial handshake emojis that feature two different color hands shaking hands. There are also new hand emojis that look like hands making a heart shape. Once again, these emojis come in a variety of skin tones.

Then there’s a new emoji that we didn’t realize we needed, but apparently there has been a petition to add it for two years. The emoji is of a pregnant man, and once again, it comes in a variety of skin tones to represent any race.

The petition was started by somone who goes by Koner So-real. In the description of the petition, Koner So-real wrote, “As we all know sexism is a big problem. I have found something very very disturbing. THERE ARE ONLY FEMALE PREGNANT EMOJIS. We must change this now. This is a very pressing issue that has gone unoticed until now. Thank you.”

The petition only has 198 signatures so far, but one of the comments on the petition points out that a pregnant male emoji can actually be useful in today’s world. Michael Lykins wrote, “I am a pregnant trans male and having an emoji for the truth that these kinds of things happen gives us more freedom to express ourselves and our lives that we go through. Even if just emojis, it lets us show how we’re feeling through simplistic ways.”

The new emojis we’ve mentioned aren’t officially approved yet, but a draft list has been submitted. Once the new emojis go through a comment process, then they could be officially approved in September. Even if all of the emojis are approved, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll immediately find them on your phone. Each manufacturer can decide which emojis to make available.

Would you use a pregnant man emoji? Would you use a multiracial handshake emoji? What emojis would you like to see created next? What’s your current favorite emoji?