15 People Reveal the One Pre-Covid-19 Thing They Refuse To Go Back To Doing

HayDmitriy via Deposit Photos

It’s hard to remember life before COVID-19. Nowadays, mask wearing, social distancing and getting a Q-tip shoved up our nose when we have a cough have all become somewhat of the norm.

However, some of the things that came out of the pandemic aren’t all bad. In fact, some of them are—dare we say—good? Some of them, we may want to actually stick around after the pandemic is over?

In a recent Reddit thread, people sounded off about the pre-Covid-19 thing that they refuse to go back to doing. Here are the top answers—we concur!

  1. A Daily Commute

    “Our company is committed to 3 days a week max in the office. I’ve been in twice since the pandemic and the colossal amount of wasted time really stunned me.”

  2. No-Contact Delivery

    “Just delivery of my groceries in general instead of going to the supermarket is something I plan to keep. It’s convenient as hell. Some people can’t pick produce for their life but if that’s all I have to go pick up myself that’s fine by me.”

  3. Wearing Bras With Wires

    “I absolutely despise regular bras with straps that get twisted and dig into my shoulders. Now I wear exclusively sports bras or strapless bras and I’m never going back.”

  4. Go Into an Office

    “Why do we need to sit in an office at work? I have an office at home. Don’t these companies wanna save money on their electric, water and leasing?”

  5. Go to Work Sick

    “If I’m ill I’m either working from home or calling in, no more of this powering through nonsense.”

  6. Feel Bad About Calling In

    “Getting hassled for calling in because you ‘just’ have a cold. Or being expected to recover from a cold in one day.”

  7. Go to Every Party

    “Accept people’s invitations just because they invite me, not because I actually want to see them.”

  8. Having a Non-Stop, Out All Day Go, Go, Go Schedule

    “I understand now why I was constantly feeling frustrated. I was completely burnt out and had no me time. Now I don’t make so many commitments to social events, work things, extra stuff and I can’t imagine ever stretching myself so thin again.”

  9. Not Social Distancing

    “Even if COVID disappeared overnight, I’d still want strangers and casual acquaintances stay at least 6 feet away from me whenever possible.”

  10. Birthday Cake/Candles

    “Here, I exhaled heavily on this, please eat it.”

  11. Restaurants Not Doing Carry-Out

    “My 2 favorite local places outright refused to do carry out until the pandemic hit. I really hope they don’t end it. I love getting the food my wife and I enjoy but being able to go home and eat it without a bunch of randos around.”

  12. Watch Mainstream News

    “Negativity is more profitable than positivity.”

  13. Work Over 40 Hours a Week

    “I used to put in 70 hours some weeks. While the money was good, I realized during the pandemic that I can survive with less and don’t need to work myself to death.”

  14. Curbside Pickup

    “With kids it has been great to not have to get them out/in the car for a quick pickup at a store. I assume this has been a blessing for those with disabilities who can drive but still struggle getting out and into a car.”

  15. Going to the Doctor in Person

    “We’ve been able to access our health care providers by Zoom and by phone. That was never an option before this. It has been amazing and honestly? The quality of our care is IMPROVED because we aren’t going through panic/dissociating/fatiguing/overstimulating crap just to GET to the appointments and so we are able to advocate for ourselves so much better.”

What do you hope sticks around after the pandemic is over?