15 People Share the Popular Trends That They Feel Like Other People Have Forgotten

If you’re into the latest trends, hopefully you realize that some (if not all) of them will be completely outdated and even forgotten in the near future. From fashion trends to furniture trends, what’s popular definitely changes over time.

Reddit user BlupHox asked, “What was a huge trend that everyone forgot about?” The Reddit community was quick to share many great examples. You might be surprised just how many very popular trends you have completely forgotten about. Scroll down to jog your memory.

  1. The Chipmunks Were So Popular

    Reddit user thetwitchingone wrote:

    That era during the 2000s/early 2010s when every popular song got an Alvin and the chipmunks cover. Still can’t believe we survived that

  2. FarmVille

    scarletwitchlasagna added:

    FarmVille. All of my aunts let their young children create Facebook accounts just so they could send themselves gifts through them. My Facebook feed used to be full of pictures of everyone’s farms.

  3. The California Raisins

    Shared by ScientistAsHero:

    The California Raisins were freaking HUGE for about a year, like 1988 or 1989. “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” (as “performed” by the Raisins) was on the radio, and Hardees did a promotional thing with their kid’s meals where you got these cool little figurines of the members playing their respective instruments. I had quite a few of them.

  4. Phone Booth


    In the 1950s there was a fad that was teens seeing how many of themselves they could stuff into a phone booth.

  5. Blackberry

    Written by Corporate-Asset-6375:

    When I started college in the mid 00’s, almost everyone had a blackberry (the “crackberry” era). We’d be messaging each other on BBM all the time and all that shit.By senior year those phones weren’t even a passing thought on our minds. It’s impressive how quickly it changed.

  6. Water Beds

    i_killed_hitler shared:

    Water beds. Watching media from the ‘80s and you’d think they were in every home.

  7. Segway

    wastingtoomuchthyme added:

    Segways were going to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

  8. Cabbage Patch Kids

    Another Reddit user shared a memory:

    Being older, I’m gonna go with Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember seeing moms about to brawl with each other over those damn things. Remember, each doll was different so it wasn’t just grabbing one off the shelf and being satisfied that you got one, people wanted to pick through every one on the shelf and find the one they liked the best. If two women saw the same one at the same time, oh boy here we go.

  9. Dare We Add Mix Tapes?

    Manners_BRO wrote:

    Burning custom CD’s.

  10. Hypercolor Shirts

    slutbanger0420 added:

    Hypercolor shirts! The ones that change color when you wear em. You werent anyone unless you had one! Now NO ONE remembers!

  11. Inflatable Furniture

    booksoverppl shared:

    Inflatable furniture was all the rage in the 90s

  12. End of the World

    Nurpus shared a good one:

    End of the world in 2012 according to the Mayan calendar.This was huge, and then completely forgotten real quick.

  13. Pokemon Go

    PhantomHavok wrote:

    Pokemon Go playing with thousands of people in Central Park in the first few weeks was amazing. Everyone walking around like actual trainers asking each other where they got such and such Pokemon was crazy.

  14. “Kind of Like Magic 8 Ball”

    Another Reddit user shared:

    That thing where you fold a piece of paper and turn it into a fortune telling thing where you flip up one of 8 sections. Kind of like magic 8 ball.

  15. Babydoll Dresses

    __Sassafrass__ added:

    Babydoll dresses and doc martins from the 90s (although it kinda came back but with leggings and knee high boots in the last few years)