17 People Share the Popular Things That They Just Can’t Understand

Image of a boy looking confusedTarasMalyarevich via Deposit Photos

Just people something’s popular doesn’t necessarily mean you need to love it, too. In fact, there are plenty of trends that make absolutely no sense.

We’re not the only ones who feel this way. A recent Reddit thread recently asked people to share something that they just cannot understand the popularity of—and we have to say, they delivered! We definitely agree with all of these—what do you think?

  1. Uggs

    “I remember when Uggs first came to my small town, and I was like “why are you wearing oven mitts on your feet?”

  2. Gender Reveal Parties

    “They seemed fun and innocent enough until they turned into an arms race to see who could one-up everyone else.”

  3. Filters

    “People using weird filters on their selfies, like freckles or dog ears. It looks like 2005 webcam effects. It’s not cute, it’s definitely not funny. It just looks bad.”

  4. Fake Long Pointy Nails

    “They look like guinea pig’s feet or something from Lord of The Ring.”

  5. TV Evangelicals

    “Like I have nothing against religion but why would anyone follow these guys to the point that they would be willing to give them money. For what? I just cannot wrap my head around why these guys are so rich.”

  6. Cheesy Signs

    “The signs people buy for their homes that say “EAT” “KITCHEN” “PANTRY” “LAUNDRY” “HOME”. Why!?!”

  7. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

    “I have no idea why the most forward-thinking and progressive people I know regularly tune in to literal objectification every week.”

  8. Social Media Influencers

    “Why they and their fans act that they are the next big thing?”

  9. Expensive Clothing Brands

    “The difference in price to a regular shirt with similar design and quality is huge especially considering most of the price comes due to the brand label.”

  10. Toddlers and Tiaras

    “Why is there a bikini competition? Why are we forcing kids to participate in these terrible pageants just for the entertainment of adult viewers?”

  11. Facebook

    “I joined and could not understand the attraction. Also it is toxic and spreads misinformation.”

  12. Lip Fillers

    “Why does everyone want the same face all of a sudden?”

  13. Political Worship

    “It is puzzling to me that people will show up at a political rally and scream like they are at a Rolling Stones concert. Not sure when this all started but it is very weird to me.”

  14. Bachelorette Memorabilia

    “Penis themed everything at bachelorette parties. Penis cake. Penis straws. Penis candies. Penis-nosed glasses. Penises everywhere. Like, I’ve already been in a committed relationship with this dude prior to getting married, nothing is really changing.”

  15. Sports Teams

    “People who didn’t go to a specific college getting obsessed with that colleges sports team.”

  16. Reality TV

    “it’s not reality at all. It’s just really bad acting and even worse writing. How is this entertaining?”

  17. Night Clubs

    “Loud, sticky, claustrophobic. You can’t talk, just drink and dance, which I’m awful at. After 30 mins I’m ready to leave, and I wouldn’t even enjoy it for that short period of time. I actually feel like I’ve missed out on something that sooo many people love, but you like what you like, and I HATE clubs!”

What’s something that you never understood why it was so popular?