Popular Gummy Vitamins Have Been Recalled Over Metal Contamination Concerns

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When we buy vitamins, we assume that they are going to help supplement our nutrition needs. We expect them to be good for us and not pose any potential risks as long as we follow recommended dosage instructions.

If you buy gummy vitamins, listen up. There is a recall for a very popular brand of gummy vitamins.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced that dietary supplement maker Church & Dwight has issued a voluntary recall of multiple gummy vitamins that were manufactured between October 29 and November 3, 2020. These vitafusion brand vitamins are being recalled because of two consumer reports that “identified the possible presence of a metallic mesh material” in the vitamins.

The recalled products include:

  • vitafusion Kids Melatonin 50 count, UPC: 0-27917-00170-8
    • Lot Code: WA03076268, Expiration Date 11/22
  • vitafusion Fiber Well 220 count, UPC: 0-27917-01984-0
    • Lot Code: WA03087520, Expiration Date 11/22
    • Lot Code: WA02487524, Expiration Date 9/22
    • Lot Code: WA03086273, Expiration Date 11/22
  • vitafusion SleepWell 250 count, UPC 0-27917-02524-7
    • Lot Code: WA03077414, Expiration Date 11/22
  • vitafusion MultiVites 150 count, UPC 0-27917-01919-2
    • Lot Code: WA03044959, Expiration Date 4/22
  • vitafusion Melatonin 44 count, UPC 0-27917-28011-0
    • Lot Code: WA03076270, Expiration Date 11/22
  • vitafusion Melatonin 140 count, UPC 0-27917-02671-8
    • Lot Code: WA03076990, Expiration Date 11/22
    • Lot Code: WA03077852, Expiration Date 11/22
    • Lot Code: WA02608988, Expiration Date 9/22
  • vitafusion Fiber Well 90 count, UPC 0-27917-01890-4
    • Lot Code: WA02187020, Expiration Date 8/22
    • Lot Code: WA03086671, Expiration Date 11/22
    • Lot Code: WA03087521, Expiration Date 11/22


Only the exact products mentioned above are part of the recall. If you have bought any of these products but they have a different UPC number, lot code or expiration date, then they are not part of the recall.

If you have purchased any of these recalled gummy vitamins, stop taking them immediately, but do not throw them away quite yet. While you still have the bottle, call the Consumer Affairs team at +1 (800) 981-4710 in order to get a refund for the product. If you have any questions about the products or the recall, you can call the Consumer Affairs team at the number above between the hours of 9am-5pm ET Monday through Friday. 

If you experience illness after taking this product, contact your health care provider right away. In addition, contact the Safety Call at +1 (888) 234-1828 to report the incident.

Do you buy vitafusion gummy vitamins? Do you currently take any of the vitamins that are being recalled?