How to Turn a Ponytail into a Bow-nytail!

The ponytail bow (otherwise known as the bow-nytail), is a cute hair trend that has many variations. Lady Gaga made her infamous hair bow popular back in 2010, and since then many hair-made-bows have sprung up across the interweb. Of all the hair bows throughout all of the internet, however, we have found this tutorial from Cute Girl’s Hairstyles very easy to follow! You or your kids will have a Gaga-worthy hair bow in no time at all. Watch the video below and see how master the bow-nytail.


Step 1: Pull the hair into a soft, low side ponytail.
Step 2: Pick up a 1 inch section off the top of the ponytail.
Step 3: Put a little holding wax in the 1 inch section to prevent fly-aways.
Step 4: Take another small elastic (the same color as the hair) and pull the hair through to make two small loops. This is the basic structure of the bow.
Step 5: Hide the elastic band in the middle with three different techniques explained in detail in the video above.

For more tricks and tips to get the perfect bow-nytail, make sure to watch the video above! This is the perfect back-to-school hairstyle for the kids or a fun little upgrade on your regular old ponytail.