Police Officer Delivers Pizza After Arresting the Pizza Delivery Driver

Murrieta Police Department

When we’re hungry and don’t feel like cooking, an easy and delicious option is to order pizza. No, it’s not the healthiest option, but on occasion, it’s worth indulging. It’s also super convenient since we can easily have a pizza delivered to our door.

Every time we have ever ordered a pizza, it has been delivered by a pizza delivery person. It never occurred to us that anyone else would have a reason to deliver a pizza, but we were wrong.

One person in Murrieta, California had pizza delivered by a police officer. We’re not sure how we would react if the person who delivered our pizza were wearing a police uniform, but after hearing the story behind this unusual pizza delivery, it certainly makes us think highly of this particular police department.

On December 11, 2020, the Murrieta Police Department posted a picture on Facebook of one of their officers, Officer Datil, walking towards a person’s house while holding a pizza. We can only imagine the surprise the hungry customer felt after realizing that someone they weren’t expecting to see was delivering the pizza.

The Murrieta Police Department explained that “Officer Datil was out and about doing traffic enforcement when he spotted a violator.” The violator happened to be on his way to deliver a pizza. 

Officer Datil discovered that the violator “had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest.” This leaves us thinking that some pizza take out chains might need to do a better job screening potential employees before deciding to hire them.

Officer Datil had no choice but to arrest the violator, and he did; however, he didn’t want the person who ordered the pizza to be left waiting indefinitely. Thankfully, another officer stepped up to help. “Officer McCarthy stepped in to fill the delivery drivers shoes and got the pizza to the hungry citizen.”

Usually when a pizza is delivered a customer is expected to have a tip ready for the delivery person. In this case, no monetary tip was necessary. The Murrieta Police Department explained, “The smile on the hungry citizens face was all the ‘tip’ needed to know we are doing our job.” 

The community of Murrieta is loving this story that shows the kindness of their police officers. One person wrote, “Only in murrieta! You’re the best!!!”

Another comment reads, “That is frigging great. Love our PD!”

How would you react is a police officer showed up with your pizza delivery order? What’s your favorite type of pizza? Do you have any examples of police officers in your community going above and beyond?