New Jersey Police Arrest The Grinch for Stealing ‘Holiday Cheer’


If you know the classic story “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” or even if you’ve seen one of the modern day movies based on the original, you know that The Grinch does not like Christmas. In fact, he dislikes the holiday so much that he wants to take it away from those who celebrate it.

The Grinch seems to think that by stealing Christmas presents and decorations he can steal the holiday itself. While that’s not exactly the case since the holiday is about a lot more than gift giving and decorating, stealing is definitely wrong.

Since Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve, The Grinch has to make his move on Christmas Eve as well, scooping up the presents before they are opened. While it is not Christmas just yet, that doesn’t mean that The Grinch can’t stir up trouble ahead of the holiday. Not to worry. The police are making sure The Grinch doesn’t steal any more presents, decorations or even the spirit of Christmas.

In Texas, police arrested The Grinch during a tree lighting ceremony. They weren’t about to let him ruin the celebration. It seems The Grinch was released from jail, because days later, he was once again arrested in New Jersey, where he was charged with stealing holiday cheer.

The Verona Police Department posted a video of their arrest on Facebook explaining, “The Grinch was apprehended in Verona today attempting to steal holiday cheer.”

Watch The Grinch get arrested in New Jersey in the video below.

The video caused a lot of laughter and joy from viewers. One person wrote, “Absolutely fantastic, well done brothers.”

Another comment on the video reads, “OMG! This is hilarious!”

While these police arrests are all in good fun, not everyone finds them amusing. Some people have pointed out that the story of The Grinch is not about an arrest (after all, in the story, The Grinch never gets arrested). Instead, it is about his change of heart.

Do you think it’s all in good fun for police to arrest The Grinch or do you think it doesn’t make sense due to his story and character?