Plus-Size Passenger Criticizes Airline For Too Small Seats And Restroom, Then Gets Slammed By The Internet

kirstyleannetravels via TikTok

Flying on a budget airline can be an ordeal even when you’re an average size person, but it turns out that traveling while plus size is even worse. Picture the seats on an airplane. They are close together, and there’s not a lot of space for your legs or your luggage.

Now imagine being plus size and traveling. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. Kirsty Leanne is a plus-size passenger who recently shared her experience flying on budget airline Ryanair. She started her video by showing her dismay at finding out she got a middle seat. Then she traveled to the airport where she got a seatbelt extender and switched to an aisle seat when she realized that seat was empty.

Leanne shared details about her experience specific to being plus size. For example, she explained that the bathroom was a “no go” and she ended up waiting to go until she got to the airport at her destination. She also showed her failed attempt to use a tray table. She described it as “a big fat no.”

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Leanne claims she was not trying to criticize Ryanair in the video and that she was simply trying to show her experience flying as a plus size person so that other people would know what to expect.

That’s far from what everyone on the internet got from her video. Many, many people left comments bashing Leanne for sharing her experience and, in their opinion, seeming to blame the airline for her less than ideal travel experience.

One comment reads, “If this isn’t a sign to put down the fork then idk what is.”

Another viewer wrote, “I’m plus size and I would never expect an airline to make more space because I eat too much cake.”

Another person commented, “Fly first class then? Like you’re flying budget airline, don’t complain about no space.”

Leanne responded back to this comment explaining, “I knew what I was going to get, I’m just documenting my experience for others to see. Have flown Ryanair many times.”

Many viewers said this experience should be Leanne’s “wake up call,” but a few viewers were nicer. One comment reads, “body positivity is hard to find in these comments. girl you are gorgeous.”

Leanne responded to another comment, “Honestly, you’d think I’d said something horribly wrong with the way people are acting.”

Why do you think so many viewers thought Leanne was bashing Ryanair in the video? Do you think it was fair of them to slam her for sharing her experience traveling as a plus size person? Do you agree with the viewers who think this experience should be a “wake up call” for Leanne?