Man Shares His Epic Plot Idea for a ‘Home Alone’ Sequel That Occurs 30 Years Later

@KevinJZak via Twitter

Every year in December we watch as many Christmas movies as we possibly can. We watch everything from original movies on Hallmark Channel to classic movies like “Christmas Story” and “Christmas Vacation.” We love the predictable plots (only predictable on the classic movies since we’ve seen them every year for decades) and the guaranteed holiday cheer.

When it comes to classic movies from our childhood, it’s hard to beat “Home Alone.” The movie, which stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, is definitely one of the funniest holiday movies we look forward to watching every year. It’s also one of those movies where you should be cautious about showing your kids because we definitely wouldn’t want them to try to recreate anything Kevin does in the movie.

It has been 30 years since “Home Alone” hit theaters, and Twitter user @KevinJZak thinks it’s time for another sequel. He created an entire movie plot that tells the story of Kevin McCallister when he’s all grown up, and Twitter users are loving it.

In a series of tweets, @KevinJZak outlined his idea for his version of “Home Alone 3.” Yes, he knows that a movie by this name already exists, but his would be better.

The plot starts by introducing Kevin’s current life and how he ends up back in Chicago.

Then he explains how the story would tie into the original.

@KevinJZak’s plot idea continue to throw in more nods to the original movie as well as including more characters from the original cast.

This time, instead of Kevin setting up the traps, he would have to figure them out and outsmart them.

At the end of the theoretical movie, Kevin and his mom would confess secrets they’ve been keeping for 30 years.

He even knows which song should play over the credits.

Many fans of the original movie are loving this plot idea, but some feel that it wouldn’t work.

Other fans like @KevinJZak’s plot idea but think it could use a few modifications

Do you think there should be a Home Alone sequel that introduces us to Kevin McCallister as an adult?