Plastic Surgeon Redesigns His Wife’s Appearance From Head To Toe

Personal question: would you trust your spouse to perform plastic surgery on you, in an effort to “redesign” your body? Ok, we can practically FEEL your eyes popping out of their sockets at the mere suggestion of the proposition!

Let us reframe the scenario; would you trust your spouse to perform plastic surgery on you, in order to “redesign” your body IF they just so happen to be one of the premier plastic surgeons in the country? Oh, and let’s throw in the fact that breastfeeding and pregnancy have wreaked havoc on your top and mid-section. Would that have any effect on your choice?

It’s definitely a tough decision for us (no matter how hypothetical it may be!), but for Miami resident, Anna Craft, it was a no-brainer. You see, the 46-year-old is married to Dr. Philip Craft, a world-renowned plastic surgeon who, believe it or not, is completely comfortable operating on his wife.

According to an article published in US Weekly, the surgeon performed the first procedure on his wife almost 15 years ago, when she was 32, following the births of their children. The couple kicked things off with a breast augmentation to repair a “lopsidedness” that had occurred during breastfeeding.

Apparently, the wife was pleased with her new and improved breasts because, in the years following the initial procedure, her husband has performed liposuction, butt enhancements, body contouring surgery, waist and abdominal sculpting, and Botox.

The plastic surgeon refers to his wife as being not just his “soulmate,” but also his “walking billboard,” explaining that Anna’s manufactured good looks help drum up business for his bustling clinic.

Yep, we’ll give you a couple of moments to sit with that statement.

But, while you’re trying to wrap your head around Dr. Craft’s interesting (and that’s a kind way of putting it) view he has of his wife, watch this video to meet the unusual couple for yourself.

So, there certainly is a whole lot going on, isn’t there? While we think we can all safely say that Anna looks positively amazing, especially for her age and having had two kiddos, she was obviously a great beauty before all of her surgery. Clearly, Dr. Craft has some legitimate skills as a plastic surgeon, but we’re not as impressed, considering how gorgeous the canvas was prior to the procedures!

That certainly is a whole lot to unpack, huh? It’s not every day that you hear of a plastic surgeon “redesigning” his wife; this story definitely has “My Fair Lady” written all over it! To get an even closer look at the unusual Craft family, including even more details on Anna’s surgeries, be sure to watch Inside Edition’s video below.

Ok, folks, we KNOW you all have some opinions on this one–and we’re ready to hear them! Do you think that the Crafts have a healthy relationship? What’s your take on the doc’s “walking billboard” line? Are you a surgeon who has operated on a loved one before?