Pizza Delivery Man Enters House Engulfed In Flames And Heroically Saves 5 Children


There are heroes and then there are superheroes. It turns out that there are even superheroes in real life. One 25-year-old pizza delivery man put his life on the line to save complete strangers, and he survived. It’s incredible, inspirational and not made up by Hollywood.

Nicholas Bostic delivers pizzas for his day job, but many are calling him a real life superhero because of his quick thinking and brave actions. He was on his way home from work one night in Layfayette, Indiana, when he saw a house on fire.

If we saw a house on fire, our first thought would probably be to call 911. Bostic didn’t have his phone with him, so instead of calling for help, he decided to see what he could do to help.

According to Lafayette Police Lt. Randy Sherer, the fire started around 12:30am. When Bostic arrived at the 2-story home, there weren’t any firetrucks at the house yet. Since he didn’t have his phone with him, he didn’t stop to call 911. Instead, he parked his car and ran inside the house to see if there was anyone trapped inside.

There were actually 5 people in the house, four children and an 18-year-old. They were asleep when the fire started, but Bostic woke them up and got them to safety.

When Bostic went in the house the first time, he escaped with the 18-year-old, a 1-year-old and two 13-year-olds. The kids told him that there was another child inside, a 6-year-old. Even though the house was engulfed in flames at this point, Bostic ran back inside and searched for the 6-year-old. Bostic told ABC, “The last thing I could do was waste a second panicking.”

All of the children are okay, but Bostic was hospitalized for severe smoke inhalation and a cut on his arm that happened when he escaped through a window of the house with the 6-year-old in his arms.

Watch the video below to hear more about this heroic rescue and to see bodycam footage from the incident.

The children’s parents were not home at the time of the fire, but Bostic has spoken to the parents since the incident. He told ABC, “The dad said he’d love to take me out for a dinner. They have wide-open arms welcoming me as a part of their family.” He added, “I’m glad I was there at the right time, the right place.”

Bostic says that he wouldn’t shy away from another heroic rescue. He said, “If opportunity came again and I had to do it, I would do it. I knew what I was risking. I knew the next second it could be my life. But every second counted.”

Perhaps Bostic should consider switching jobs from pizza delivery to firefighter.

Would you run into a house that was on fire to save complete strangers?