15 People Discuss the Phrases They Always Hate Hearing Other People Say

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Ever hear someone say a common phrase and your stomach just turns? Sure, they might not mean any harm, but there are certain expressions that are just downright annoying.

In a recent Reddit thread, people sounded off about the top phrases they can’t stand other people saying. Now that we hear them, we think they’re pretty annoying too! See what you think in the top responses below.

  1. Office Speak

    “Let’s table that and we can sync back up offline, just ping me. I do want to revisit this though, as it’s crucial to ongoing synergy as we move forward.”

  2. “That’s Just Who I Am”

    “That’s not a reason. That’s an excuse. Behavior can improve, you choose not to.”

  3. “You Should Be Like…”

    “I hate when people compare me to someone. My parents do this all the time, so irritating. I don’t care how many books X, Y and Z reads.

  4. “We’ve Been Trying to Reach You About Your Car’s Extended Warranty.”

    “I get these calls every other day. I sometimes pick up to say ‘what kind of car do I have?” and then they hang up.”

  5. “That’s Nothing.”

    “…when I tell them something only for them to turn it onto a competition and say something worse that happened to them.”

  6. “Why Don’t You Smile More?”

    “Resting b*tch face is more efficient.”

  7. Conference/Gathering Presentation

    ‘How’re you all doing today?!? C’mon, I know you can answer louder than that! HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING TODAY?!’ Instant resentment every time.”

  8. Regarding Salary

    “We want to give you room to grow.”

  9. “The Customer is Always Right.”

    “The customer who says ‘the customer is always right’ is always wrong.”

  10. Talking Up Teenage Years

    “Someone saying to a teenager ‘These are the best years of your life!’ I am in my mid 40s now and most people my age remember high school as horrible and awkward. The more appropriate thing to say is “Hang in there kid! I promise life gets better. Just get through adolescence the best you can.”

  11. “There’s No Such Word as ‘Can’t.’”

    “Try striking a match on a bar of soap and tell me that again.”

  12. “Your English is So Good!”

    “Thank you, I was born in Australia and English is literally my first language. My standard response these days is, ‘oh thank you, yours too!’”

  13. “Low Key”

    “…And then they proceed to say something that in no way is low key, e.g., ‘I low key like Nikes’ when they own nothing but Nike.”

  14. “They’re You’re Family, You Have to Love Them.”

    “They’re my family. They should have treated me better.”

  15. “You Have it Easy.”

    “Back in my day…I always had to…you have no idea how hard it was back then jobs were easy to find and etc.”

Do you find these phrases annoying too? What other ones are we missing?