15 People Share the Phrases That They’ve Always Found To Be Really Cringy

Are there any phrases or expressions that really bother you? There are definitely a few phrases that bother us, and this is probably true for most people. The problem is that not all phrases bother all people, and a lot of times, the person who says the phrase that makes you cringe is trying to be nice.

Reddit user twows995 asked, “What phrase or saying do you find really cringy?” Some of the phrases Reddit users find cringe-worthy are very common and used quite frequently by certain people. Other times, there are expressions that people say when they don’t know what to say, and they probably feel like they are saying the right thing. Warning: They’re not.

Scroll down to discover phrases that make people cringe. Hopefully none of your favorite expressions are on this list. If they are, you may want to be intentional about reading the room before saying one of these phrases, that is, unless your intention is to make someone cringe.

  1. Phrases Some Moms Use

    Reddit user _queen_frostine wrote:

    bossbabe mommyboss Those two, combined with the “I’m an entrepreneur” drive me crazy.

  2. This Could Be Rephrased

    TheStigSlab added:

    When people say “I’m really anal about…” My inner child giggles but my inner adult cringes

  3. Not the Time

    Girlification explained:

    Trying to make someone feel better about say, a family death?Tell them, “everything happens for a reason.”

  4. Not Everything Is a Hack

    Byizo shared:

    The liberal use of the term “hack”

  5. This One Has Been Around for Awhile

    Omipony wrote:

    Working hard? or hardly working?

  6. There Are Definitely Exceptions

    Another Reddit user added:

    “The customer is ALWAYS right” – Angry customer, most likely.

  7. They Probably Have a Good Reason

    LayOptimist shared:

    Anyone talking about their “haters.”No, they are just calling you out on how ridiculous you are.

  8. “It Felt Fake”

    Another Reddit user explained:

    I met a girl who worked in cosmetics and she ended literally every sentence with “babe,” “girl,” “honey,” “sweetie,” etc. etc. when we spoke, the very first time we met. It was pretty off-putting. It felt very fake and sales-y.

  9. This IT Worker Must Cringe at Work a Lot

    meesersloth wrote:

    I work in IT “The Cloud” really gets to me.

  10. There Is Truth Here

    DrTralfamador541 explained:

    Thinking outside the boxIf you need a cliche to express a need for creativity, you’re never going to escape that box.

  11. Not a Great Way to Cheer Someone Up

    HadToChooseSomething shared:

    “You come into this world with nothing and you leave with nothing.” It’s my father’s go-to line when I’m feeling down. I can’t stand it.

  12. It’s “Nonsensical”

    napoleoninrags98 added:

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”I appreciate the optimism, but this saying is outright nonsensical and for that reason it’s always kind of bugged me.

  13. Saying It Correctly Matters

    ashman508 wrote:

    ” I could care less”. When the actual saying is “I couldn’t care less”.

  14. Overused

    Another Reddit user explained:

    Using the word ‘random’ in sentences where it doesn’t below..for example – “that was concert was so random and weird man” that word has lost all meaning.

  15. Not Necessarily

    Written by ShutUpAndTakeANap:

    “If I can do it anyone can” That is not how it works.