Police Have Released Photos of the Hotel Room Where Bob Saget’s Body Was Discovered


Nobody expected Bob Saget to die at the age of 65. He was in good health. He had launched a comedy tour. It seemed that 2022 was going to be a good year for the comedian.

Tragically, Saget never made it home after the first show of his comedy tour. He returned to his hotel room in Orlando, Florida. The next day, his family contacted the hotel and asked them to check on Saget since they weren’t able to get ahold of him. That’s when hotel security found Saget unresponsive in his room.

A police investigation quickly ruled out foul play, but it is still not known exactly how Saget died. Police believe that Saget must have hit his head on something hard, and thinking it was no big deal, he went to sleep. He never woke up.

Saget’s family has been granted a request not to have pictures or videos the police took after finding Saget in his hotel room released to the public. However, the police are still able to release other photos and videos, including photos of what the hotel room looked like when they entered it as well as audio recordings with people they interviewed after discovering Saget’s death.

The photos of Saget’s hotel room show his sneakers in the closet, his glasses on the nightstand by the bed and alcohol that was never opened. Watch the video below to see these photos of Saget’s hotel room for yourself.

One of the people the police interviewed was Orlando Nunez, a valet driver at the Ritz Carlton, the hotel where Saget was staying. Nunez took a selfie with Saget just hours before he died. According to Nunez, “He seemed fine as he was — me speaking to him for that small period of time. He just seemed fine.”

Do you think Saget died by hitting his head on something like the padded headboard? Do you think something else happened?