Here Are 17 of the Most Heartwarming Photos That Were Taken After An Adoption Was Finalized

togetherwerise via Instagram

Not all childhoods are created equal. Some people grow up in loving homes with parents who hug them and care for them. Other children bounce from foster home to foster home transporting their few belongings in a trash bag and desperately wishing they could have a forever home with parents who would love them too.

Sometimes a foster home turns into a forever home when the foster parents decide to adopt their foster child; however, this is a long and difficult process. We personally know some families who have adopted their foster children, and the waiting for the adoption to be finalized seemed endless.

An adoption is certainly something to celebrate. It’s almost like a wedding or a birthday in that it signifies the official beginning of a child as part of a family forever. It’s a really big deal.

Many families choose to take photos to commemorate the special moment of a finalized adoption, and these photos are truly precious and priceless. A non-profit called Together We Rise™️ shared many such photos on Instagram, and they are making us more than smile – we’re over here crying happy tears for these children and families. 

Scroll down to see 17 of the most heartwarming photos and videos ever taken after an adoption was finalized.

  1. 4 Daughters

  2. A Brother and Sister

  3. Adopted Brothers

  4. A Teacher Adopted Her Student

  5. An Adopted Daughter

  6. Finally Adopted

  7. Adopted 3 Brothers

  8. Adopted Baby Girl

  9. An Adopted Son

  10. Adopted Sisters

  11. From the NICU to Adoption in 2 Years

  12. They Adopted 10 Kids

  13. A Double Adoption

  14. An Adopted Daughter

  15. Adopted at Universal Studios

  16. Finally Adopted

  17. 3 Adopted Sisters