Phoenix ‘Karen’ Gets Slapped After Telling Native American Woman To ‘Go Back To Mexico’

@balleralert via Twitter

Ready for another entitled Karen saga? If you don’t know, according to, “Karen is a mocking slang term for an entitled, obnoxious, middle-aged white woman. Especially as featured in memes, Karen is generally stereotyped as having a blonde bob haircut, asking to speak to retail and restaurant managers to voice complaints or make demands, and being a nagging, often divorced mother from Generation X.”

There are lots of Karens in this world—ones that refuse to wear masks in public or willingly cough on people, all because they feel entitled. They’re usually pretty racist too, also due to a feeling of entitlement.

Meet the new Karen from Arizona. She’s being deemed “Phoenix Karen,” after a video went viral that displayed an insane rant, yelling at a Native American woman at a gas station. In the clip, Phoenix Karen can be angrily telling the woman to “go back to Mexico.”

So what did this woman do to deserve a racist remark as such? It started when Phoenix Karen barged into the gas station and demanded to be helped with her gas pump. The employee was already helping the Native American woman, so he told her to wait until he was done.

Except you never tell an angry Karen to wait. Don’t forget, they’re entitled after all! Phoenix Karen was not about to have that. She tried to cut this woman in line, which of course caused the situation to escalate way more than it should have.

When the woman wasn’t happy about being cut, Phoenix Karen told her to “go back to Mexico,” and even claimed she was the manager of the gas station. Classic Karen!

It wasn’t long before a brawl ensued, where Phoenix Karen pushed the woman on the shoulder to get her attention. That resulted in the woman slapping her across the face, and Karen storming out of the gas station in complete shock.

The person filming the incident can be heard telling her that she deserved it since the woman was just trying to defend herself. After all, not only was she verbally abused, she was physically smacked too!

To see the entire incident unfold, check out the video below. Warning: The video contains strong language and a hard-to-watch scene.

Can you believe what went down at this gas station? Have you ever witnessed a “Karen” doing something like this? What would you have done if you saw a situation like this unfold?