Pfizer Is Now Testing An Omicron-Specific Covid Vaccine

Omicron is currently the dominant variant of Covid-19, and many people who are vaccinated and boosted have ended up getting omicron anyway. Although highly contagious, this variant isn’t causing as many hospitalizations as previous variants. Yet, since the variant is causing many breakthrough infections, Pfizer has decided to develop and test an omicron-specific vaccine.

Before a vaccine can become available to the public, it has to be tested. For the trial, Pfizer plans to recruit up to 1,420 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 55. Some of the volunteers will be people who have already received two doses of Pfizer’s covid vaccine. Some volunteers will be both vaccinated and boosted, meaning they will have already received three doses of the vaccine. In addition, Pfizer will also include people who have yet to receive any covid vaccine.

During the trial, people who have already received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine will receive either one or two doses of the new omicron specific shot. People who have been both vaccinated and boosted will receive either another dose of the regular Pfizer vaccine or a dose of the omicron specific vaccine. People who were not previously vaccinated, will receive three doses of the omicron vaccine.

While it’s great that Pfizer is testing a new covid vaccine that’s tweaked to protect people from the omicron variant, it begs the question if it’s too little too late. Since the vaccine will take months to test, will it even be necessary by the time it’s ready for the public? Watch the video below for more information about Pfizer’s omicron vaccine and if it will even be necessary by the time it’s deemed safe for the public.

Since the pandemic began, Pfizer has created other variant-specific vaccines that were never rolled out to the public. Regardless of whether or not the omicron-specific vaccine is necessary, Pfizer plans to roll out 4 billion covid vaccine doses in 2022.

Do you think an omicron-specific vaccine is necessary?