21 Of The Pettiest Things People Did When They Got Angry With Their Partners

Image of couple arguing while sitting on floor at homeTarasMalyarevich via Deposit Photos

We all get mad at our spouses from time to time—but it’s all in how you react to the anger that counts, right?

Sure, you can kiss and make up—or you can mess with their heads a bit. Sometimes, though it may be childish, we prefer the latter! And apparently, so do a lot of other people.

Behold, the funniest tweets about the pettiest things that people did when they got pissed off at their partner:

  1. Faking a Broken Dishwasher

  2. Making Up A Special Day

  3. Using Improper English

  4. Creating Multiple Open Condiments

  5. Adjusting Weight Watcher Points

  6. Offering Button PJs for the Baby

  7. Flaunting the Raised Thermostat

  8. Pretending They Let Spiders Live

  9. Purposely Using Tools Wrong

  10. Making the Cookies Healthier

  11. Messing With Their Online Games

  12. And Their Pandora Stations

  13. Threatening Glitter in the New Car

  14. Replacing Organic Fruits With Non-Organic Fruits

  15. Snagging the Better Hangers

  16. Moving the Car Mirrors

  17. Not Sharing the Salami

  18. Making a Very Healthy Dinner

  19. Misplacing the Whisk

  20. Buying Yet ANOTHER Throw Pillow

  21. Making Friends Question Their Friendship

What’s the pettiest thing you’ve ever done when you were mad at your partner?