Petition To Remove Amber Heard from ‘Aquaman 2’ Has Reached Over 3 Million Signatures Amid Johnny Depp Trial

Johnny Depp claims that Amber Heard has destroyed his career by accusing him of domestic abuse, but if fans have their way, Heard’s career will be the one that’s destroyed.

Depp sued Heard after she claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse. He claims that he is the victim and that she was the one who abused him while they were married. He also claims that he never physically hurt her, and that she destroyed his career with her false accusations.

As a result of the court case, a petition was created to remove Heard from the movie “Aquaman 2.” The petition explains some of the irrational things Heard did during her marriage to Depp such as making up stories that Depp abused her to cover up the fact that she was the one who actually abused him. For example, the petition explains, “Heard recounts fabricated incidents of Johnny Depp hitting her in the face when she had, in fact, punched him. Though staff and neighbors in the building where she lived reported seeing no marks on her face in the hours and days after she says Johnny Depp hit her, yet she appeared in court six (6) days later with bruises on her face, asking for a temporary restraining order, which was granted. Photos of Heard from the very next day show her full face, without makeup, and not a single bruise.”

Because of her abuse to Depp and her fabricated stories to cover up the abuse and instead claim that he is the abuser, the petition seeks the removal of Heard from the movie “Aquaman 2.” The petition states, “As Amber Heard is a known and proven domestic abuser, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should and must remove Heard from their Aquaman 2 film project. They must not ignore the suffering of Heard’s victims, and must not glamorize a domestic abuser.”

In addition, the petition explains that it is important to acknowledge that domestic abuse isn’t always men abusing women. The petition states, “Men are victims of domestic abuse, just like women. This must be recognized, and action must be taken to prevent a known abuser from being celebrated within the entertainment industry.”

In summary, the petition makes a request of Warner Bros and DC Entertainment. “Do the right thing. Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2.”

The petition currently has over 3 million signatures.

Do you think Warner Bros should completely remove Heard from “Aquaman 2” due to the court case with Depp? Do you think her career will be able to survive this court case? Do you think Depp’s career is over, or do you think he will be able to recover if the court decides in his favor?