Peter Dinklage Called Out Disney For “Hypocrisy” In Remaking ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’

In recent years, Disney has turned several of their classic animated films into live action films. Some of these movies include “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” and “Aladdin.”

In each film that Disney remakes, the story in the live action film is slightly (sometimes more than slightly) different than the story in the original animated film. Some Disney fans might prefer the original story, but some fans are happy to see Disney modernize the stories.

The next animated film Disney plans to turn into a live action movie is the movie that legend says saved the studio, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” While the story of Snow White might seem like old news, it’s important to put it in perspective. This was the very first full length animated movie ever created, not just by Disney but by anyone in the entire world.

The studio depended on the success of “Snow White.” If it was profitable, the studio would be too. If it tanked, so would the studio.

On December 21, 1937, “Snow White” premiered at Cathay Circle theater. The audience loved it. When adjusted for inflation, the movie remains the most profitable film for Disney, even more so than “Frozen.”

While “Snow White” was a huge success in 1937, things have certainly changed over the years, and Peter Dinklage thinks it’s in bad taste for Disney to attempt to remake the film as a live action film. During a conversation on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast, the actor said, “There’s a lot of hypocrisy going on.” 

Dinklage pointed out that Disney thinks they’re being progressive by casting a Latina actress in the role of Snow White. “West Side Story”‘s Rachel Zegler is set to play the title role.

While Dinklage is on board with a Latina actress playing “the fairest of them all,” he is not okay with a “story about seven dwarfs living in a cave together.” Dinklage, who has dwarfism, added, “Have I done nothing to advance the cause from my soapbox?” He added, “I guess I’m not loud enough.”

Zegler and Gal Gadot, the actress who Disney has cast to play the Evil Queen, have both hinted that this live action version of the Snow White story will be quite a bit different than the 1937 animated version of the story.

Zegler told BuzzFeed that in this version of the story Snow White is much more than just a princess who needs a prince to rescue her. She said, “I think that our director, Marc Webb, and everyone who’s working on this film has really taken her narrative and turned it into something that’s a lot stronger.” She added, “I’m very, very excited to be able to bring that to life.”

Meanwhile, Gadot said, “The take on this story is so different and delightful and full of joy. … I’m very, very excited. I wish I could share more.”

Do you think Disney will be able to update the story of Snow White in a way that is appropriate?  Are you a fan of the original animated version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”?