Pete Davidson Reveals His “Super Corny” Dream To Kevin Hart


Pete Davidson is a Saturday Night Live alum who is in a high-profile relationship with Kim Kardashian. By all accounts, he seems to be a success.

He recently sat down for an interview with Kevin Hart, and during the interview, he credited his childhood not being “peachy” for the reason he found a passion for comedy. He claimed that if his dad hadn’t passed away, and if his childhood had been easy, he’d “probably be a construction worker on Staten Island and be the happiest guy ever.” Instead, he turned to comedy to deal with his feelings and emotions.

Despite his dad’s death when he was young, he credits his mom and sister for being “great” and “super-supportive” when he decided he wanted to try comedy.


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Now that he’s all grown up, it seems that Pete has a new dream that he wants to pursue. He called his dream “super corny” but Hart quickly corrected him by describing the dream as “the best.” What’s Pete’s dream? To be a dad.

Watch the video below to hear Pete describe his childhood and why he wants to be a dad. Warning, there is some crude language.

Since Pete is currently dating Kim, if he wants to be a dad, Kim would have to be on board. It seems that she has hinted that she is up for having more children. Earlier this year, on an episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim, her mom and her sisters when asked which sister they thought would have as many children as their mother, who had 5 children. Everyone held up a picture of Kourtney, but Kim also held up a picture of herself.

Pete’s mom, Amy, also seems on board with the idea of her son making her a grandmother. When a fan wrote on Instagram that Kim “will be pregnant with [Pete’s] child by the end of the year,” Amy responded, “Yayyyy!”

Do you think Pete’s dream is “corny”? Do you think he will have a child with Kim?