Person Running The McDonald’s Twitter Account Gets Attention from Other Famous Brands After ‘Emotional Meltdown’

McDonald's via Twitter

Last week, McDonald’s sent out a tweet announcing that the McRib is coming back. This is pretty exciting news, but what is also interesting is the tweet McDonald’s sent out a few days before the big announcement.

It might’ve just been to get attention and tease about the return of the McRib, but a tweet from the McDonald’s account a few days before the McRib announcement got a lot of attention from other brands.

The Tweet reads, “it’s always ‘when is the McRib coming back’ and never ‘how are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account.’”

The “person who runs the McDonald’s account” was very clever with this post that led to condolences from people running the social media accounts for a variety of other brands including Facebook, Instagram, Ulta Beauty, Pizza Hut and Dippin Dots who even joked about the McDonald’s ice-cream machines being broken all the time.

“The person who runs the McDonald’s account” joked that he or she turned in his or her resignation after getting a responce from Nancy Sinatra asking, “How are you doing?”

Ulta Beauty offered to sent “the person who runs the McDonald’s account” a care package.

Here are a few other notable responses to this McDonald’s tweet.

HBO even dared to ask, “When is the McRib coming back?”

As mentioned, a few days after this tweet from McDonald’s, “the person who runs the McDonald’s account” officially announced the return of the McRib while also thanking everyone “who asked how I was doing last week.”