13 Reactions to the Unpopular Opinion That People Who Have Affairs With Married People Are Just As Much In The Wrong

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We can probably all agree that when someone who is married has an affair, that is a bad and potentially marriage destroying decision. However, what about the person the married individual had the affair with? As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.

Reddit user CardiopulmonaryOre shared a pretty controversial opinion about people that married people have affairs with. This Reddit user wrote, “If you knowingly hook up with somebody that is married, you’re just as bad of a person as they are. For clarification, I mean you’re just as bad of a person as they are for engaging in the affair even though you didn’t technically cheat on anyone.”

Reddit users weighed in, and not everyone agrees. After all, this is an unpopular opinion. Here are some of the reasons they disagree as well as a few reasons some people agree.

  1. Feeling Guilty

    Reddit user LazarYeetMeta wrote:

    I’ve heard about people who sleep with a married person because they didn’t know that the other party was married, and those people are almost always incredibly guilty when they find out.

  2. Who Do You Blame?

    hoorutokin2 answered:

    Most people I know would blame a ‘mistress/lover’ but not a SO, for cheating. Like SO is some sheep or a dog, who didn’t know any better.

  3. I Didn’t Know

    MizEmCee explained:

    I dated a guy for about 3 months. The day he asked me to be exclusive, I discovered the existence of his 10yr, long term relationship with his gf. He of course did the whole song and dance of excuses for his behavior making HER the villain. I noped the hell out. I have regretted not informing her. I kind of got a feeling I wasn’t the first he’d cheated with and I’m certain not the last. I feel zero shame as I had no idea she existed.

  4. “Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater”

    mdewinthemorn added:

    If you meet a girl/guy and they are cheating on someone else in a serious relationship, then at some point in your relationship with them, you will get cheated on. Never fails, once a cheater always a cheater.

  5. Is This Opinion Unpopular?

    NobodysFavorite shared:

    I think This is not an unpopular opinion.

  6. If You Know, You’re Cheating Too

    Aquanova explained:

    If you knowingly have sex with someone you know is cheating, you are a bad person. I dont get how people can say otherwise. It doesnt matter what the excuse is. It doesnt really matter if you arent the one who is in a relationship,you’re choosing to participate in the cheating.

  7. It’s Not That Simple

    nashamagirl99 wrote:

    I feel like bad person is a simplification, more like person doing a bad thing. MLK was a cheater himself. Was he a bad person? People are more than one thing.

  8. Watch Out for Karma

    toiserut answered:

    I get why this is an unpopular opinion. I remember having a convo in my mid twenties with my best friend and her friend (I didn’t know her well) about this subject. The friend was dating a married older man and was very proud of herself. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. They normalised it to the extent that they reduced my objections to immaturity. I always felt that as a woman I never wanted to be the cause of another woman’s pain and anxiety. Not to mention that karma always gets you. Cut to a few years ago, and she actually came to me to lament about that period of her life and the karma that she had accumulated.

  9. There Are Degrees of Badness

    Unconfidence added:

    I’d say you’re bad, but not as bad. The other person didn’t make a promise of fidelity or monogamy and isn’t breaking that promise. This is assuming that other person is a perfect stranger with no existing relationship with either party.

  10. The Golden Rule

    uninc4life2010 explained:

    Ridiculous argument. Just apply the golden rule. Would you want someone else to have sex with your SO while knowing that he/she is married to you?

  11. Home-Wreckers

    Tommy_Wisseau_burner shared:

    They’re literally called home-wreckers… how unpopular is this, really?

  12. The Married Person Is to Blame

    thekingdot added:

    While I see why you feel this way, I have to disagree. The married person is the one that has made an obligation and has restrictions.

  13. Men Thinks It Makes Them Powerful

    Wellsargo answered:

    A whole lot of men have this very toxic mindset where having sex with another man’s girlfriend/wife is a great thing and massive power move.