Food Delivery Driver Sparks Heated Discussion After Showing What Happens to Food Of People Who Don’t Tip Up Front

@jhordanthemodel via TikTok

There are lots of reasons people may choose to order food through an app like DoorDash instead of going to a restaurant to pick up the order themselves. It could be that they are too busy to make it to the restaurant, that the restaurant is not convenient for them to get to, or that they simply like the convenience of having the food delivered to their door. We’re sure there are other reasons too, but it all comes down to convenience.

DoorDash pays their Dashers a base rate for every order they deliver. They sometimes offer promotions as well, and then Dashers also make money through tips.

It is not required for a customer to include a tip when they place their order. While many customers do choose to leave a tip, others may feel that the delivery fee they were charged by DoorDash is enough of an upcharge to not feel like tipping is necessary, or they may feel that they want to wait until their food has been delivered before leaving a tip.

According to one Dasher, not leaving a tip when you place an order on DoorDash could mean that you end up waiting a long time for your food to be delivered. This Dasher explained that Dashers do not work for DoorDash. They are independent contractors, and that means that they can choose to take an order or not to take an order. If one order has a tip and another does not, it just mades sense that they would choose to take the order that pays more.

In order to prove that not adding a tip to the order means longer wait times, this Dasher posted a video on TikTok that included a photo of the inside of a McDonald’s where dozens of take out bags were packed up and ready to be delivered. According to the Dasher, the bags in this picture were all DoorDash orders that didn’t include a tip and where waiting for a Dasher to agree to make the delivery. Watch the video below to hear more about why not tipping at DoorDash means longer wait times.

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In the comments, many DoorDash customers expressed frustration that even though tipping is not technically required it is basically required in order to get your order in a timely manner due to the Dashers’ ability to choose not to take orders.

In an email statement to the Daily Dot, a DoorDash representative explained, “We’re proud of the flexible earning opportunities we provide, with Dashers making on average over $25 per hour they’re on a delivery. We are actively looking into the issues raised in this video and will take appropriate action as we learn more.”

Have you ever ordered from DoorDash? If so, did you leave a tip? If not, are you more likely to leave a tip after watching this Dasher’s video?