13 People Share the Unique Things That Put Them in the 1%

wrangler via Deposit Photos

There are rare things and then there are RARE things—as rare as 1% or even lower. In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the unique things that put them in that category. We had no idea some of these things were things at all!

  1. Having Three Lower Bottom Teeth

    “When I was getting braces I had already known I only had three teeth down there but I’d assumed there was just one chilling in my gums. When the orthodontist took x-rays though he asked me about it and said it was a birth defect. The orthodontist laughed in my face when I asked for my disabled parking pass.”

  2. A Double Uterus

    “Medically called a didelphys uterus. A septum separates my uterus which kinda made them form into two separate ones and the septum continues down into the vagina so I also have a left and right side. NOT fun to deal with but I’m too scared to get the surgery for it.”

  3. Sucrose and Fructose Intolerant

    “No fruit, candy, ice cream, even some veggies for me.”

  4. Weird Allergies

    “I am allergic to temperature extremes. Taking a hot shower or touching an ice cube will give me hives.”

  5. Fish Killer

    “Not that I’ve looked it up, but I’ve run over a fish in my car. Whenever I tell the story, no one has heard anything like it.”

  6. Ability to Swallow Your Own Tongue

    “Or rather put my whole tongue in the hole to my nose, where the nose and mouth come together. Apparently my ear doctor said that none of her colleagues believed her when she said she had a patiant that could do that, so I had to do it whole she was filming, so she could prove them wrong 😂 hilarious to have my doctor shove her iPhone in my mouth.”

  7. Deaf Guitar Player

    “I heard completely fine for like 25 years and spent 19 years of that to practice guitar playing. Been legally deaf for 3 years now and still can play well (muscle memory). I kinda want to start a band called Deaf Metal or something.”

  8. A Musician Making a Living

    “I am in the 1% of musicians who actually made a living playing music. Notice I did not say ‘a good living.’ Also didn’t say ‘good music.’”

  9. Being Semi Ambidextrous

    “I’m ambidextrous for most things (I used to switch hands when playing tennis whenever the ball switched sides, as an example), but for instance writing with my right hand is just not good at all. Very handy when doing repairs and stuff, always have a strong hand on the optimal side. Some things I’m more right-handed, some things left-handed, most things I don’t care.”

  10. Wisdom Teeth Grew Back

    “Got my wisdom teeth pulled. One side grew back over a year from a fragment left. Dentist published an article about it and was so happy. I was not with another oral surgery.”

  11. Typing Speed

    “My record on a test is 156 wpm.”

  12. Born With Cardiac Rhythm Disorder

    “Normal heart rate for a newborn is like 130 per minute, mine was like 30. I heard from my mother my case was so rare that several cardiologists from all over the country ditched their conferences to fly to the hospital I was in and to see how to fit a pacemaker into a newborn.”

  13. Having Gray Eyes

    “Always thought they were green but then they matched exactly with most images of gray eyes.”

Do you know anyone with any of these traits? What about someone who’s in the 1% for a different reason?