15 People Who Embarrassed Themselves Online By Missing the Joke

PidgeGaming via Reddit

When someone tells you a joke, you know you’re about to get hit with a punch line. But online, jokes can be a bit subtler—and sometimes, they’re easy to miss.

Take it from these 15 people who completely missed the joke (and are probably slapping their forehead right now!)

  1. Two Ironic

  2. Problem Solved

  3. People Eating Alone

  4. Colorblind Rubix Cube

  5. Visiting New York

  6. Visiting Mars

  7. A Bra and Reddit

  8. Everything’s Bigger in Texas

  9. Sleeping With a Patient

  10. An Improper Joke

  11. Taking The Onion Literally

  12. Gravity

  13. A Pool Under Water

  14. A Construction Joke

  15. How We Grew Up

What’s an example of a time someone missed your joke?