People Call Out Country Music Star’s Lyrics After His Speech In Support Of Banning ‘Obscene’ Books In School

Tom Frisch

We send our children to school to get an education; however, not everyone agrees on what is appropriate to expose kids to at school. Country music star John Rich is pro-censorship when it comes to books in school, and many are calling him out for his hypocrisy.

Rich told the Tennessee legislature, “What’s the difference between a teacher, educator, or librarian putting one of these books…on the desk of a student or a guy in a white van pulling up at the edge of school when school lets out and saying come on around kids let me read you this book and show you these pictures. What’s the difference in those two scenarios? There is a difference by the way. They can run away from the guy in the white van.”

Rich told the committee that he was speaking to them as a dad. However, as a dad, does he think his own music is appropriate for children to listen to?

Many people have pointed out on social media that Rich’s own song lyrics are quite obscene, such as the lyrics of his song “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”

After speaking in front of the legislature, Rich tweeted about why he thinks it’s important to speak up.

Do you think Rich’s stance on censoring books at schools is hypocritical?