This Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb Is Here to Make Your Bath So Much Creepier

BareBumShop via Etsy

As the weather gets cooler, the leaves start to change, and Halloween gets closer and closer, all things ghosts, goblins and ghouls start to make their appearance. That’s right—spooky season is upon us, people!

One of the scariest, creepiest monsters of all time? Pennywise, of course! If you’ve read the book or seen the movie IT, you know just who we’re talking about. And if you haven’t, you’ve probably at least heard of the frightening white-faced, red-haired dancing clown before.

He’s the main character of the book and movie—an ancient cosmic evil who makes his appearance about every 27 years and preys upon the children who live in Derry, Maine. He’s able to shape-shift and manipulate his body, and goes totally unseen by adults. Creepy, right?

Besides seeing him in your nightmares, you can now bring Pennywise into the bath with you. We know: Exactly where you want him, right?

One Etsy seller BareBumShop who makes her own bath bombs recently created a bath bomb in the shape of Pennywise himself, that has made IT fans go crazy. When you put the bath bomb in the tub with you, it fizzes and leaves behind a red trail to mimic blood. (Don’t worry, it won’t stain your tub!)

The bath bomb has the scent of cotton candy—a seemingly ironic scent for such a non-innocent character. It’s the perfect way to “relax” on Halloween night…or you know, just to freak out your roommate.

The Pennywise bath bomb sells for just $6.99 and can be purchased online via Etsy. What are you waiting for? Make your bath a little scarier today!

We just have one question for you: Want a balloon?

Are you a fan of the movie IT? Would you ever use this bath bomb, or know anyone who would like it?