7 Things Your Pee Color Can Reveal About Your Health

We’re going to have an honest discussion today about one of everyone’s bodily functions: pee. Everyone tinkles, but not everyone checks their tinkle. And it may be time you started.

We know you’re wondering about the allure of urine, and on its own, there isn’t any. But when you start looking at it with a self-diagnostic eye, it can be very revealing. When urine colors hit various points on the color spectrum, there are moments when you should be concerned.

But there are also moments when you can rest on your laurels. This video from HealthiNation breaks down the rainbow of pee colors and what they might mean for you. If you’re a parent, this little guide may spur a new pee-pee check system in your home!

  1. Pale Yellow

    You’re right on the mark in terms of hydration. That is good news when you’re not sure if you or your kiddos are drinking enough water. Rest easy; this is the hue you want to see.

  2. Dark Yellow or Orange

    Yikes. This is not so good. If you can recall what you ate or drank and it included some carrots or a dose of vitamins, don’t get frightened just yet. However, if that is not the case, you may want to think about remedying the situation with a few glasses of water because, more than likely, you are dehydrated.

    Drink some plain water. Not Kool-Aid, iced tea (brown water to some), or any other sweetened version, but clear water. (Added electrolytes are A-okay.)

  3. Pinkish or Red

    Blood is understandably the first thing you think of when you see pink or red in the bowl, especially if you don’t know the source. It also is entirely possible to have a what-the-bleep moment if you see pink or red in the toilet because you forgot about your beet juice cocktail from the morning.

    If you know it’s not juice or food related, contact your doctor about a possible UTI or other health issues, even if there is no pain present when you urinate.

  4. Blue or Green

    Double yikes. It would be pretty unnerving to see blue or green body fluids in the toilet bowl, and we imagine that someone would wonder if they are part alien. On the bright side, food dyes, multivitamins, and medications can cause greenish or blueish tones in the urine.

    On the other hand, this could indicate something more serious, like an infection or rare genetic disorder. If you know your urine can’t be explained by something you’ve ingested, see a doctor immediately.

Press play below to learn about more about urine hues – including the cloudy sort – and your personal health. If any of these apply to you and you suspect you have a serious health condition, visit your physician! It is possible you may need treatment for an infection, kidney stones, or even cancer. Don’t hesitate.

Has urine helped you with a health condition you didn’t know about? What’s the scariest color you’ve seen? Which of these colors are unfamiliar to you?