These Photos of Paul Rudd from 20 Years Apart Have People Wondering If He’s Aging in Reverse

paul rudd smilingWochit Entertainment

It’s no secret that Hollywood actors have the tendency to age MUCH slower than the rest of us. Sure, their ability to turn back the clock probably has nothing to do with them stumbling upon the real-life fountain of youth and more to do with paying a super good plastic surgeon, but, every once in a while we find one that, amazingly, seems have kept their youth intact, au naturel.

Take today’s example, for instance. Everybody’s favorite “boy next door,” Paul Rudd, is currently the very “reverse-aging” celebrity who is confounding us all. Believe it or not, the Clueless star just turned the big 5-0, and as you can see by the CURRENT image at the top of this article, the guy doesn’t look a day past 22.

When news got out of his birthday milestone, the Internet pretty much had a collective freakout. Sure, the actor has been famous for going on three decades now, but his youthful appearance continues to fool us all.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Twitter reacted by posting a barrage of side-by-sides, displaying just how much this guy hasn’t aged. Here’s our favorite. It’s a recent photo of Rudd alongside a screenshot of his younger self in Clueless, a film that was released nearly 25 years ago. (It’s ok–we felt old when we heard that, too!)

Nope, that image on the left isn’t some FaceTuned monstrosity that you’d find in your Instagram feed, it’s just 50-year-old Paul Rudd– just hanging out, being 50.

We’ll give you a minute to let it all sink in…

But, while you’re doing so, why not take a look at this recent snapshot of Rudd with one of his most famous co-stars, Alicia Silverstone. She posted the reunion shot late last month, and we have to admit that she looks pretty darn amazing for 42. What are their secrets??

We’re not going to lie–if we had enough guts to do it, we would break into Paul Rudd’s house just to get a peek at his medicine cabinet. We need to know what kind of beauty cream sorcery he is hiding in there!

To see even more recent images of the 50-year-old Paul Rudd walking around, looking like he’s barely out of college, AND to hear his response to everyone’s reaction over his age, be sure to watch the video below. Spoiler alert: his words are sure to have you belly laughing!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the ever-ageless Paul Rudd. Are you surprised that the actor is 50-years-old? What do you think is his secret to looking so young? Do you have any tips for slowing down the aging process naturally?