Old Video Footage Shows Paul McCartney Coming Up With The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ In Just 2 Minutes


It’s always interesting to learn about an artist’s process. While there are many different types of art, there are also many different ways that artists come up with their ideas. Some artists work well under pressure of deadlines. Others don’t really like deadlines and create as the idea strikes them.

The Beatles seemed to work well under pressure. Back in 1969, after going three whole years without performing, the band worked together for three weeks to prepare for a live performance. Not only did they have to rehearse, but they also had to write the songs they were going to perform. They were pretty much starting from scratch.

While The Beatles were rehearsing, a camera crew was also there filming everything and recording everything that was said. The footage had never been used for anything until recently when filmmaker Peter Jackson decided to look through over 60 hours of the footage that was collected and edit it down into a documentary for Disney+.

One interesting thing that you can see in this footage is how the band came up with their songs. There are some songs that Paul McCartney and John Lennon had been working on together. There are other songs that George Harrison wrote on his own. Today we’re looking at a song that ended up becoming the group’s next single – “Get Back.”

In the footage, we see Paul McCartney messed around on his guitar, but for an artist like McCartney, it’s never just messing around – it’s art being formed. Over the course of just a couple minutes, he comes up with the song “Get Back” all on his own.

Watch the video below to see McCartney create the song “Get Back.”

The new three-part documentary about The Beatles is called “The Beatles:Get Back,” and it is only available on Disney+.