‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Are Outraged After Pat Sajak Appeared to Mock a Contestant’s Lisp

@nicolegphil via Twitter

It wasn’t that long ago that Pat Sajak found himself criticized for his behavior on Wheel of Fortune. During that instance, the long time game show host called a contestant “ungrateful.” Some fans said he was trying to be funny. Other viewers thought he had snapped.

Sajak’s sense of humor doesn’t always come across as funny, and he has messed up again. This time, while he was talking to a contestant with a lisp, he appeared to make fun of the lisp. How? By mimicking it.

One viewer posted a clip of the game show on Twitter, and fans are outraged. Watch the clip below for yourself to hear what they’re mad about.

Did you hear it? Honestly, we had to watch the clip multiple times in order to hear what Sajak did wrong. Apparently, he said “thee” instead of “see,” and viewers believe he did this on purpose to mock the contestant’s lisp.

Did you hear “thee” or “see”? Watch it again.

You’ll notice that the contestant laughs after Sajak says “I thee.” Was he offended? He doesn’t appear to be. He later wrote on Twitter that the game show was a “super fun experience.”

Regardless of whether or not the contestant is upset or offended, multiple viewers were offended. Some even think it’s time for Sajak to stop hosting Wheel of Fortune.

Yet other fans are upset that viewers are picking on Sajak.

Some viewers are defending Sajak saying that he was trying to be funny, and that it was not meant to be mean.

Do you think Sajak was just trying to be funny? Do you hear “see” or “thee”?