Pat Sajak Admits to Hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune’ While Drunk in the Past


Pat Sajak became a hot topic of conversation last week when it appeared that he almost lost it on “Wheel of Fortune.” The long-time game show host started yelling at one of the contestants and later played it off as a joke. Many fans defended the host by saying he was trying to be funny, but it still makes you wonder, was he really?

If Sajak wasn’t trying to be funny, you might wonder if he was in his right mind. Perhaps, could he have been drunk? Maybe.

Back in 2012, Sajak was interviewed by Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones on ESPN2. The interview revealed many interesting things about Sajak’s life, such as the fact that he was a radio DJ in Vietnam for awhile, and at the time, he felt like it was a big break and a normal job.

Then, when asked if he ever filmed “Wheel of Fortune” while he was drunk, Sajak immediately responded yes. He said that in the early years of the show there would be really long breaks between filming different episodes, and during those breaks, Sajak and Vanna White would sometimes go across the street and eat at a Mexican restaurant. While they were there, they would also drink multiple margaritas.

Sajak said that nobody ever said anything to him about doing the show a little bit tipsy, so he assumes it must have been fine. Honestly, though, he doesn’t remember.

Watch Sajak’s interview to learn more secrets like what Vanna smells like and which famous people told him that they watch his show.

In the comments, many people criticized the interviewers for laughing at Sajak’s stories about Jimmy Stewart and Lucille Ball. Although these stories obviously took place a long time ago, they are still big stars and pretty impressive.

Does it surprise you that Pat Sajak and Vanna White have done multiple episodes of “Wheel of Fortune” after drinking margaritas?