Mom In Disbelief As Park Security Throws Her Out Because Her Shorts Were Obscene

@baileybreedlove970 via TikTok

A day out at a theme park is supposed to be fun. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy since there are usually a variety of rides and activities suitable for all ages at most theme parks.

Theme parks have rules. Some have dress codes, whether stated or implied. Most people dress casually at theme parks, unless you’re a little girl wearing a princess dress at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Usually pretty much anything goes, but theme park security does have the ability to stop a guest who they feel is dressed inappropriately.

What is inappropriate is sometimes subjective. What one person finds perfectly acceptable to wear to a theme park on a hot summer day may be considered “obscene” by someone else. That’s what happened when Bailey Breedlove visited Six Flags with her daughter.

Breedlove was pulled aside by park security and told that her shorts were too short. She was told to buy different shorts. Breedlove just wanted to leave. Meanwhile, her daughter sat next to her crying.

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In the video below, Breedlove shows off her short shorts.

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Many people commented that they don’t think those shorts are too short. One comment reads, “Oh those aren’t too short short. I’ve seen shorter.”

Another person commented, “So ridiculous, I have seen people wear less at 6 flags, and no one said anything to them. Also, great Pikachu t-shirt!!!”

Breedlove spoke to Inside Edition about the ordeal. She explained that she “was shocked” when she was told her shorts were too short. She also showed off the shorts for viewers. Watch the video below to hear more of what Breedlove had to say about her encounter with park security at Six Flags.

Do you think Breedlove’s shorts were too short to wear to Six Flags?