How This Random Household Item Can Create Beautiful Curls

If you or your kids are longing for natural, beautiful curls, you might think that using a curling iron is the only way to get the look. Think again! This simple curling method, brought to us by Cute Girls Hairstyles, gets you those soft, effortless curls you’ve been dreaming of with no heat necessary.

The only thing you do need to pull off these curls? Pieces of paper towel!

The great thing about this technique is that it reduces your need for heating tools. Using heat products like curling irons and straightening irons is damaging for your hair, especially if you use them fairly frequently. You can really dry out your hair, encouraging frizz, dullness, and rampant split ends.

For this simple no-heat method, you’ll just need to follow a few steps to get healthy, natural looking curls.

Step 1: Take a 1 inch section of hair. Dampen the section slightly.

Step 2: Using 1/4 of a paper towel sheet, twist the bottom of the hair around the paper towel.

Step 3: Roll the hair up around the paper towel all the way to the scalp.

Step 4: Tie the ends of the paper towel together.

Step 5: Sleep on the curls overnight. Just untie the paper towels to release your curls!

If you want to see this paper towel technique for yourself, watch the video below!