Animal Shelters See an Increase In Owners Abandoning Their Pets As COVID-19 Restrictions Lift

xolo-dan via Deposit Photos

When COVID-19 lockdowns started in spring 2020, many people found themselves at home more than they had ever been home before. Some people took up new hobbies, like baking or gardening. Other people found themselves busier than ever working from home while also helping their kids log into school via Zoom.

While at home, many people decided that their home was missing something – a pet. There was a noticeable rise in adoptions throughout the pandemic as families decided to add a cat or dog to their home. You probably know someone who adopted a pet this past year.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are looser than they once were, new pet owners have to decide what they are going to do with their furry friend while they are at school, work or on vacation. Do they find a doggie daycare? Do they hire a dog walker? In some cases, pet owners are deciding that they don’t want to be pet owners anymore. Animal shelters are seeing an increase in the number of abandoned pets.

Watch the video below to learn more about why people adopted pets during the pandemic and why some are choosing not to be pet owners any longer.

Many people find it appalling  people would give up their pets just because they’re going back to work in an office.

Animal shelters and rescues are far from surprised by this increase in pet abandonment.

Did you adopt a pet during the pandemic? Does it surprise you that some people are abandoning their pandemic pets now that COVID-19 restrictions aren’t as strict?