Owner Of A Dog Named Lilah Was Missing For Days, Then He Heard A Sad-Sounding Yelp

New York State Police via Facebook

Being a dog owner can be very rewarding, but there are times, that being a dog owner can also be very stressful. While dogs may be playful, cuddly and great listeners, they can also get into trouble from time to time.

Sometimes the type of trouble dogs get into might be as simple as making a mess, like knocking something on the floor or tracking in mud from outside. Sometimes the dogs themselves are what gets messy, and giving them a good bath, which they may or may not like, is the best solution.

Other times, dogs get themselves in situations are a bit tricky. A dog named Lilah is one of those dogs.

Lilah is a 13 year old golden retriever. She’s also a mom. Her owner, Rudy Fuehrer, lives in Conklin, New York. He was taking two of his dogs, Lilah’s offspring, for a walk one day when he heard something alarming.

Fuehrer was walking about 100 feet away from his house when he heard a sad-sounding yelp. He exclaimed, “Oh my God, that’s Lilah!” He knew she needed help.

Lilah had gotten stuck in a drainage pipe that Fuehrer estimates is approximately 2 feet wide. Fuehrer tried to rescue his dog himself by attempting to lure her out with food. He tried to entice her with peanut butter dog treats and cheese. Neither one worked.

Eventually, Fuehrer knew that he needed help, so he called 911. State Trooper Jimmy Rasaphone and his partner, State Trooper Ana Reynas, both arrived at the scene and accessed the situation. 

Fuehrer told the troopers that Lilah had been missing for several days and that he discovered that she was in the drainage pipe. He also explained what he had already tried to do to get her out.

In the end, Rasaphone decided that he would go in the pipe himself to try to find Lilah. Fuehrer explained, “He crouched down and literally disappeared into the hole with a lead that had a choker on it. He was able somehow to manipulate his arms and get the choker around the dog’s head.”

Rasaphone climbed approximately 15 feet into the pipe to reach Lilah. He was able to lead Lilah back to the edge of the pipe. Rasaphone exited first, and then Fuehrer was able to pull his dog out. They were wet when they exited the pipe, but they were both okay.

Fuehrer is happy to report that Lilah is recovering well, but he also makes sure that she is always on a leash when they go for a walk.

Have you ever had a pet get stuck somewhere where it was hard to get them out?