People In the U.S. Can Now Order 4 More Free At-Home Rapid Covid-19 Tests From the Government

Back in January, during the omicron variant’s surge, getting tested for Covid-19 wasn’t easy. Appointments to get tested for free filled up quickly and were booked out a week or more. At-home test kits were in high demand and often sold out.

The only way to know for sure if you have Covid-19 is to get tested, and not having easy access to testing was a big problem. In order to help solve that problem, the Biden administration announced that every American family was eligible to order 4 free rapid at-home test kits.

We ordered ours, and they arrived within a few weeks. Having at home tests on hand is helpful, but having only 4 at-home tests isn’t as helpful as it could be. Especially if you have multiple people in your household, 4 test kits won’t last very long.

Thankfully, the Biden administration is now allowing Americans to order 4 more at-home test kits. These test kits are available for anyone who missed the opportunity to order test kits back in January. It is also open to anyone who already ordered test kits.

All you have to do to order your free Covid-19 test kits is to go to and click the “order free at-home tests” button. After clicking this button, you will be redirected to the USPS website. This is where you will need to enter your contact information and mailing address.

You will not be charged anything for ordering your at-home test kits. There is not a shipping charge. Each address is eligible for 2 orders, and each order contains 4 test kits. That means that if you never ordered free test kits before, you can submit the form twice in order to get your 2 orders (8 test kits total) of free Covid tests. If you already got 4 free tests, you can only place 1 order to get another set of 4 free test kits.

In addition to mailing free test kits, the Biden administration is also requiring insurance companies to reimburse customers for 8 over-the-counter at home test kits each month.

The US postal service has already delivered over 270 million Covid-19 test kits to American families. Considering there are 4 test kits per package, that means that USPS delivered test kits to over 68 million addresses.

In a statement, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer Louis DeJoy explained, “There are few assignments the Postal Service has received that better exemplify our public service mission than the request of the Biden Administration to deliver America’s COVID-19 test kits.” DeJoy added, “It is a major point of pride throughout our organization to have met our own performance expectations and those of the public. We are grateful for the strong collaboration of our partners across the federal government, including the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense.”

Did you order free test kits back in January? Are you going to order free test kits now?