Optical Illusion Claims to Reveal Whether You’re Impulsive Or More Rational

thesanzworld via TikTok

We love a good optical illusion. It’s always a fun way to take a mental break and get your mind working in a totally new way.

We’ve seen quite a bit of optical illusions over the years—from this one that has us seeing dots that aren’t there or this weird bar illusion to this real-life pants trickery and much more. There are all kinds of optical illusions and each one provides its own unique deal of fun and thought.

Ready for the most recent one making its rounds across social media? It was posted by TikTok user @TheSanzWorld, who shares all kinds of optical illusions in her page, as well as personality tests, fun facts, and more. She has nearly 100,000 followers, and most of her videos get plenty of views, but one particular video really stood out.

She talks about a seemingly strange black and white optical illusion that shows either a monkey or a lion, depending on how you look at it. The animal you see first in the photo, Sanah says, determines whether you’re more of an impulsive person or more of a rational person.

“Studies have shown that if you saw the monkey first, you tend to be more emotional and impulsive,” Sanah explained in the now viral video. “If you saw the tiger first, you’re more logical and rational.”

So go ahead—take a look at the optical illusion and let us know which you saw first, and. If your personality trait matches up!

Well—what’s the result? Many people say that what they saw actually does match up to their personality. Most people saw one or the other right away, and agreed with the assessment. “I know I’m emotional,” one person commented. “I’m pretty sure everyone saw the monkey first.”

“Me seeing the monkey and just crying right before and then saying I’m emotional…yeah, um I’m taking this to heart,” another person joked.

However, other people had trouble seeing either of those animals at all. Things or animals that people claim they saw first include a lizard, an elephant, a snake, a tree, a deer, an elephant, a dress and even a uterus.

Well, we suppose that’s what optical illusions are all about—finding something that isn’t necessarily there!

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Were you able to see the monkey or tiger first—or did you have your own interpretation of what was in the optical illusion?