Optical Illusion Claims to Reveal Whether You’re Happy or Not

What you see can reveal a lot about who you are and whether you’re a glass half empty or glass half full kind of person. Not all of our brains are wired the same way, and some people process information differently than others.

Optical illusions are one way to easily get a glimpse at who we are and how we see the world, or at least they claim to be. There are multiple optical illusions that claim that the first thing you see will reveal something about you. For example, one picture might prove that you’re optimistic or friendly while another picture might reveal that you simply don’t see things as clearly as others. For example, this picture claims to reveal what your strengths are. Meanwhile, this picture simply makes it challenging to see all the numbers.

Whether or not you believe that optical illusions really tell you something about who you are or how you see things comparing to others, it can be interesting to look at the images and compare the meaning behind the images to what we know to be true about ourselves and the world around us.

Today’s optical illusion claims to tell you whether or not you’re a happy person. The image is basically a combination of two images. Which image you see first depends on you, and supposedly which image you see first reveals your level of happiness.

Look at the image below. What do you see first?

According to a TikTok about this particular optical illusion, you either saw an apple or two people facing each other. If you saw something else, you must have some incredible outside the box thinking.

If you saw the apple first, the TikTok explains that this means you are generally a happy person. The voiceover states, “You take things for what they are and you are pretty happy with what you see in life.”

If you saw the people facing each other first, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re unhappy, but according to the video’s voiceover, “You might be going through a time of uncertainty with someone special to you.”

Watch the video below to hear the full descriptions of what it means if you saw the apple first and what it means if you saw the people looking at each other first.

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Which image did you see first – the apple or the people looking at each other? Do you think the description of what it means if you saw the apple or the people looking at each other was accurate?