Oprah Has Released Her Favorite Things of 2021 and Here Are 15 of Our Favorites


The holiday season is officially kicking off, and what better way to begin the cheer than with an early list of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”? Each year, the 67-year-old talk show host releases her gift guide, featuring great ideas for gifts for everyone on your list—all of which Oprah has approved of herself.

This year, her guide is separated into different categories. From style to home, beauty to technology, there’s a gift to match everyone’s interests, for every single person on your list. The gifts are also at all different price points, so you can stick to a budget.

While all the gifts are truly awesome and would please just about anyone, we went ahead and picked out our favorites. You can view the full list here, and our top picks below, along with Oprah’s words of wisdom for each!

  1. Kitchen Gift: The Yedi Total Package Breadmaker


    “This fall I was making tomato sandwiches and needed white bread. I wish I’d had this in my kitchen! You pour in the ingredients, push a button, and the machine kneads and bakes you a fresh, delicious loaf. It’s become a kitchen go-to for Oprah Daily creative director Adam Glassman.”

  2. Home Gift: Snappy Screen Snap Clean Hands


    “This new little wonder makes hand sanitizer handsfree. Touchless motion-sensing technology delivers a moisturizing mist of protection in one of four scents—and it looks way cooler than anything else I’ve seen.”

  3. Tech Gift: Bose Sleepbuds™ II


    “Drown out a partner’s snoring or listen to white noise at night with these earbuds. They are so darn comfortable— even if you sleep with your ear smushed up against the pillow.”

  4. Stylish Gift: Roq Innovation Headlightz Hats


    “Perfect for walking the dog, running, hiking, or even in a power outage, this fun-looking tie-dye beanie with rechargeable LED light makes nighttime forays a whole lot brighter.”

  5. Food Gift: Ubah Hot Collection


    “How much spice can you handle? In this African-inspired sauce trio, ruby is for those who want just a little heat, emerald is for those who can take a bit more fire, and yellow? Well, that’s for brave souls who don’t mind breathing flames. What I appreciate most is that just a dab of these instantly elevates even the simplest meal.”

  6. Cozy Gift: Lands Downunder Juno 51″ x 67″ Throws


    “Make cozy days at home even cuddlier with a luxurious cashmere-blend throw in timeless neutral tones that work with any decor.”

  7. Children’s Gift: All of Us Crayons’ The Rounds Skin Tone Crayons


    “Is there anything better than a fresh box of crayons? These are extra special because they were created with inclusivity in mind. When Sabine Joseph’s daughter asked her to draw a picture of her grandmother, Joseph couldn’t find a crayon that matched her beautiful brown skin. So she created these eight to represent the beauty of all skin tones. Now, that’s the kind of initiative I can get behind.”

  8. Beauty Gift: The Crayon Case Notepad iShadow Palettes


    “Have someone young and fun on your list? These cute travel-size eyeshadow palettes may be just the thing. They look like little notebooks, and inside lies an adventurous assortment of hues to play with—all for just $12.”

  9. Tech Gift: Philips One Rechargeable Toothbrush by Sonicare


    “Sometimes something practical is the perfect present. I’ve long been a Sonicare user, and I’m excited about this travel-friendly version, complete with a sleek case. The rechargeable smart brush uses micro-vibrations to ensure a complete clean, and it has a two-minute timer, so brushing isn’t cut short. Your loved one’s dentist will thank you.”

  10. Kitchen Gift: Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Iron


    “Just plain decadent. This tool lets you make stuffed Belgian waffles. Go savory with ham and cheese, or try cinnamony apples.”

  11. Pet Gift: Bindle Puppy Pack: Bottle, Sleeve, Bowl


    “Taking your fur person on a long hike? Keep both of you hydrated with this water bottle set. The bottle bottom screws off to store keys and ID; then wrap the stretchy sleeve around it and wear it crossbody. When your pup is parched, pop open the retractable water bowl and fill it—talk about cool!”

  12. Books Gift: Oprah’s The Life You Want Planner


    “This will change your life—even if you just do half of it. Part weekly planner, part intention journal, this beautiful book created by the Oprah Daily team will inspire you to make self-reflection and setting intentions a daily practice—and help you answer the ultimate question, ‘How do I become more of me?”

  13. Food Gift: Truff Best-Seller Pack


    “I put Truff’s black truffle hot sauce on just about everything. It’s become such a staple that whenever I have guests, they ask for it, too! This combo comes with my go-to, along with white truffle hot sauce, which is great on eggs, as well as black truffle oil.”

  14. Cozy Gift: Lollia by Margot Elena Imagine 33-Oz. Bubble Bath


    “I chose this brand’s bubble bath for one of the first Favorite Things and have included it many times since. The ceramic vessel is fantastic, and simply put, it gives great bubbles.”

  15. Kitchen Gift: Beast Blender and Hydration System


    “Can you believe this is a blender? It’s almost too chic! But it doesn’t just look good—it really performs. It was created by the same guy who made the NutriBullet, so you know it’s genius. The ribbed design helps ensure a smoother blend, and it comes with a hydration system, allowing you to blend fruits and veggies to create fancy, spa-like water, too.”

Again, don’t forget to check out the full list here!

What do you plan to buy from this list? When do you usually begin holiday shopping?