Oprah Gets a Makeover From The “Queen Of Brows”

We’re firm believers in the fact that your eyebrows can really change the look of your face. As a brow person, I never leave the house without my brows looking put-together – even if I’m not wearing any other makeup! Brows are my go-to, mostly because well-maintained brows can give you a polished look or even give your entire face a youthful lift. Funny enough, Oprah agrees with us! She has a brow wizard named Anastasia Soare who she calls the “Queen of Brows” – and Oprah doesn’t exaggerate. She only trusts Anastasia to work on her brows and for good reason! The Queen does some amazing work on Oprah’s arches and we get to watch firsthand how she does it.

Not only do we get to see Anastasia work her magic, she also gives some life-altering tips on how you can shape your brows yourself! There are some clever tricks to figuring out exactly how your eyebrows should be shaped for your unique face shape and structure.

Here’s our quick cheat sheet to figure out how your brows should be shaped.

Where Your Brows Should Start:

Right above the middle of inside of your nostril.

Where Your Brows Should End:

Outside corner of your nose or above the outside corner of your eye.

Highest Part of Your Brows:

Also known as your arch, this should be from the tip of your nose, through the middle of your iris. A good way to figure this out is to take a makeup brush and rest it on the tip of your nose, pointed towards your brow. If it goes straight across your eye to your arch, you’re doing it right!

Once Anastasia has determined the natural shape of your unique brow, she creates a brow kit! This is a powdered outline of her client’s eyebrow which will help her stay outside of the lines; anything not in the outline should be tweezed or waxed away.

While it might be difficult for you to make this exact eyebrow kit, there is a shortcut! Take an eyebrow pencil and mark the areas you’ve determined; mark where your brow should start, where your brow should end, and where your arch should be. Then use those markings as a guideline!

Tweezing or waxing inside of these markings means you’re taking off too much, but anything outside of the markings can go. This is a great way to make sure you get the problem areas but don’t over-tweeze! Over-tweezing is such an easy trap to fall into, but it takes weeks to reverse the damage once it’s done.

The before and after of Oprah’s brows before they’ve been shaped says it all! Knowing how your brows should look makes all the difference not just in the look of your eyebrows, but in the look of your entire face.

Anastasia firmly believes that everyone should have their brows done at least once in their lives by a professional, mainly so the pro can show you how you can then do your brows (well) at home. Take this wisdom and go forth with fierce arches!

What do you think of these shaping tips? Do you have any tips for perfectly manicuring your brows? Share them in the comments section below.