‘Anti-Mask’ Restaurant Now Says It Will Only Serve Unvaccinated Diners

basilicoshb via Instagram

Now that Covid-19 vaccines are widely available to any adult or teen who wants to get vaccinated, it might become more common for certain locations and activities to require people to be either fully vaccinated or get tested for Covid in order to visit the location or participate in the activity.

What’s quite unusual is the exact opposite of encouraging vaccination. One restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, is requiring proof of “un-vaccination.” There are no specifics about how someone could prove that he or she has not been vaccinated, but the stance is still quite bold, especially in a state where even people who are fully vaccinated will be required to wear a face mask inside. Oh yeah, this restaurant is anti-mask as well.

The name of the restaurant is Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, and they have been quite vocal about their anti-mask and anti-vaccine thoughts on Instagram. Several days ago, the restaurant posted a picture on Instagram that shows a sign posted on their window. It reads, “Proof of being unvaccinated required.”

The restaurant wants other restaurants and businesses to join them in their defiance against masks, mandates, lockdowns and vaccines. The restaurant’s owner, Tony Roman, shared a lengthy video on Instagram where he explained his stance and introduced  The Declaration and Pledge of Defiance which he encourages other businesses to sign. The pledge requires businesses to follow multiple guidelines as explained by Roman including banning face masks and operating their businesses as they were pre-Covid no matter what mandates, restrictions or lockdowns are set by the government or recommended by experts.

In the video, Roman explained, “I am challenging all those who label themselves as patriots, wanting to defend American liberty and freedom, to honor your promise to fight as we have and still do by signing the Basilico’s Declaration and Pledge of Defiance. The enemies of liberty and freedom only respect and fear strength, so we must fight with the indomitable patriot spirit of 1776 that makes us uniquely Americans and our founding fathers proud. No other way is acceptable, and anything less is a waste of time.”

According to Roman, masks “represent fear, control and surrender.” He went on to explain that restaurants that join him in this stance need to “ignore citations, warning, threats, and even notices to appear for court dates.”

Do you think many businesses will sign the pledge? Would you visit a business that banned face masks? How do you think anyone would be able to prove that they’re unvaccinated?