Onions That Have Been Shipped to All 50 States Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

Move over, coronavirus, there’s a new sickness in town.

Okay, so salmonella has been around quite a while, but there’s been a recent outbreak that has impacted people in dozens of states, the highest being Oregon, Utah, California, and Montana.

As of Sunday, August 3, there have been 396 to get a salmonella-related illness in 34 states, with at least 59 requiring hospitalization.

After an investigation by the Centers for Disease Control, the outbreaks may be linked to onions.

One of the brands to look out for is Thomson International Inc., a California-based grower, packer, shipper and supplier. They have recently recalled a number of their onions due to the outbreaks.

Specifically, throw away these onions from Thomson’s 11 brands if you have them in your fridge or pantry:

Thomson Premium TLC Thomson International Tender Loving Care El Competitor Hartley’s Best Onions 52 Majestic Imperial Fresh Kroger Utah Onions Food Lion

These include red, yellow, white and sweet yellow onions and were shipped from May 1 on. They were distributed in 5-50 pound cartons weighing and 2-50 pound mesh sacks.

Additionally, to avoid potential illness, it’s recommended that you throw awl any onions you have that don’t contain a source of origin.

If you’re experiencing salmonella symptoms including diarrhea fever or stomach pain, call your doctor. Also, if you have eaten these brands of onions in the past, be sure to pay close attention to how you’re feeling, as salmonella can take 2-4 weeks to develop.

To learn more about the salmonella outbreak, check out the video below.

Do you have any of these onions in your home right now? Do you know anyone affected by this outbreak?