13 People Point Out the Things That Are Older Than We Think They Are

Image of friends drinking beer.Wavebreakmedia via Deposit Photos

There are many things that we probably think of as modern inventions. Sometimes we might be correct, but sometimes we might be terribly wrong. Not everything that we know and love is new. Some things have been around for generations and even centuries.

Reddit user kakou64 asked, “What’s older than we think ?” Reddit users eagerly took the opportunity to share many inventions that have been around a lot longer than most people realize. Scroll down for some great examples.

  1. Soda

    DarkSyrupp wrote:

    The first carbonated drink to be sold to the public was invented by Swiss watchmaker and amateur scientist J. J. Schweppe in 1783, who sold his delicious “sparkling water” to thirsty customers in Geneva. In just seven years, he was doing business so fast that he moved the factory to London and introduced a new flavor, sparkling lemon, to stand out from competitors who were trying to imitate his drink.

  2. Aux Connector for Headphones

    given2fly_ shared:

    The Aux connector that we still use for headphones and speakers was invented in 1877. There have been improvements since, but the basics of it are pretty much the same.

  3. Sharks

    scannon explained:

    Sharks. As a species they’re older than the rings of Saturn.

  4. Watches

    Aqquila89 answered:

    Wristwatches. Queen Elizabeth I got one in 1571.

  5. Oxford University

    princess_mothership wrote:

    I was really surprised to discover when Oxford university was founded. They don’t know the year for sure, but they know there was definitely teaching going on there in 1096.

  6. Electric Cars

    Buwaro added:

    The electric car.What is likely the first human-carrying electric vehicle with its own power source was tested along a Paris street in April 1881 by French inventor Gustave Trouvé. The first crude electric car was built in the 1830s but it was essentially a semi-functioning model. The electric car was a direct competitor to gasoline powered vehicles until the 1920s when roads got better, people started driving further than the range of an electric car, and the world started finding major oil reserves.

  7. Escalators

    KidHarvey answered:

    Escalators have been around since 1859, though they were called rotating stairs.

  8. Fax Machines

    Darpyface shared:

    Fax Machines. They were invented in 1843. Before the telephone.

  9. Heating

    jazzman0116 explained:

    The ancient Romans (well, the wealthy ones) had central heating in their homes. You can actually still see the pipes in some of the buildings at Herculaneum!

  10. Flushing Toilets

    steveguyhi1243 wrote:

    Flushing toilets date all the way back to the Indus River Valley civilization, back in 2000 BC

  11. Oreos

    TheSilentShane added:

    Oreos.I was shocked to learn that Oreos predate chocolate chip cookies, sliced bread, and my 100 year old Great Grandmother.

  12. Nintendo

    Andramalot shared:

    Nintendo. This company was actually created in 1889.

  13. Beer

    Col_Walter_Tits answered:

    Beer. It’s one of the oldest prepared drinks in the world. It not only predates every civilization but actually contributed to their creation.