Oklahoma Movie Theater Reverses Course After Posting Warning Over Same-Sex Kissing Scene in ‘Lightyear’

KOCO 5 News

It has been three years since the last Toy Story movie. What adventures have the toys gone on since we last saw them in 2019? We don’t know. We may never know. Pixar has turned its attention to a prequel.

“Lightyear” is the story of the character the toy Buzz Lightyear is based on. According to the movie “Lightyear,” this is the movie that the Toy Story character Andy saw, and this is the movie that made him want a Buzz Lightyear toy.

There has been controversy about the casting of the voice for the Lightyear character. Tim Allen voiced the toy version of the character in the Toy Story movies, but Chris Evans was cast as the voice of the character in the 2022 movie. There are differing opinions about why Allen was not cast for the new film, but one explanation is that it would not make sense for the toy version of the character to have the same voice as the real life person version of the character.

Now, there’s another controversy surrounding “Lightyear” – a same-sex kissing scene towards the beginning of the movie. Some people are fine with the scene. Some may not be. One movie theater in Oklahoma decided to warn parents about the scene so they wouldn’t be surprised.

A “warning” sign was posted on the entrance to the movie theater. The sign read, “Attention Parents: The management of this theater discovered after booking ‘Lightyear’ that there is a same-sex kissing scene within the first 30 minutes of the Pixar movie.”

Besides simply warning parents, the theater also explained that they planned to try to fast-forward through the scene. The warning sign continued, “We will do all we can to fast-forward through that scene, but it might not be exact. We apologize for any inconvenience this late discovery of this scene causes.”

Multiple people posted about the warning sign, and now, the sign is missing from the movie theater’s door. Watch the video below to learn more about this controversial kissing scene and the just as controversial sign the movie theater posted about the scene.

Have you seen “Lightyear”? Do you think a same-sex kissing scene is inappropriate in a Pixar movie? Do you think the movie theater was out of line to suggest fast-forwarding through the scene?