17 People Reveal the Moments When They Realized They Were Officially Not Young Anymore

We all grow older every day. One day you’re a young whippersnapper and the next day you’re a senior citizen. There’s no in-between—it just happens! You look at yourself and realize: Man, you really got OLD.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the moment when they realized they were officially not young anymore. The answers are pretty hilarious—check out some of our favorites below!


  1. A Recent Bar Trip

    “We went to a bar recently and the bouncer didn’t check our IDs — just us out of everyone going in. Fine. Then as we were leaving, the place was totally packed and I was outside waiting for my husband to come out and thought, ‘We’re the oldest people here by ten years at least.’ Then, to my relief, I saw an old guy in the crowd. Then, to my horror, I realized the old guy was my husband.”

  2. Your Favorite Songs Are Oldies Now

    “When a song I loved as a teenager appeared as an oldie on the radio.”

  3. Dislocated Jaw a Weird Way

    “When I dislocated my jaw lying in bed yawning. Didn’t even think it was even possible.”

  4. When a Mop Speaks to You

    “I just bought a new mop and was really excited to go home and use it :( I mopped the whole apartment in absolute bliss. I finally decided that I will not fall for the Swiffer commercials again.”

  5. When “Classic Rock” Has a Different Definition Now

    “I was annoyed when the classic rock station started playing songs from the 80s and 90s. What???? This isn’t classic rock!!!! Then I did the math and got depressed. Worst thing is: they canned the oldies station a few years ago. The rock from the 70s would now be considered an ‘oldie”. TG for Spotify!”

  6. Things You Thought Were Recent Aren’t

    “When you think something was ‘reasonably recent,’ like maybe 10 years ago? And then you look it up and it was 20 years ago.”

  7. When YOU’RE The Adult, Catching a Misbehaving Kid

    “Saw some neighborhood kids messing with a stop sign while driving home. I slowed the car down, rolled down a window and said, ‘Hey… I think maybe you shouldn’t be doing that.’ Which in my mind meant cut it out before an adult catches you. But these kids look sheepishly at the ground and give me an ok like I was the adult in the situation. Which I was, gently chastising children for fooling around with public property.”

  8. Getting Seats for a Concert

    “When my best friend and I were planning for a concert next month and for the first time in our lives we were like “Do we… want to buy seats instead of standing in the pit?”

  9. Getting Offered Help on the Stairs

    “When a 22 year old offered me their arm to get down steps. I’m not old, I was just tired you little punk!!”

  10. Seeing a Balding Photo

    “I went for a motorcycle ride with 4 of my friends and stopped at the gas station for a picture. The first picture was all of us gasing up the bikes and the second was from behind. I was not wearing my helmet and saw the top rear of my head. I was balding at the age of 28 and had a spot so shiny that even the camera didn’t know WTF happened.”

  11. Getting Celebrities Explained to You

    “When one of my younger coworkers took it upon herself to explain to me who Cardi B was. I already knew who she was and was familiar with her music. Apparently I just looked like I needed to be supplied with this info.”

  12. Getting Called “Sir”

    “Neighborhood kid next door, must be 22 or so calls me sir. First time it happened I was like “sir? Dude I’m like….okay a lot older than you.”

  13. Being the Embarrassing Mom

    “When I was trying to hang out and play with my kid at school drop off, and she was like, “mom! Not in front of my friends!” I realized in that very moment that I was not young, fun, cool mom, but indeed old, regular, embarrassing mom. Also, every single time someone calls me “ma’am.”

  14. Turning 35

    “That’s when everything started to hurt, like, all the time.”

  15. Getting Excited Over a Deal on Oxy Clean

    “I was shopping in Target and came across a buy one, get one 50% off deal for Oxy Clean. I was so excited that I texted my wife, and then promptly realized “oh man, I’m so middle aged!” It was like one of those “Avoid becoming like your parents” commercials.”

  16. Everything Hurts

    “Woke up, yawned, stretched, pulled leg, back, stomach and calf muscles. Had to jump out of bed in pain.”

  17. Looking in the Mirror

    “within the past year I’ve noticed that my reflection has reasonably changed and I definitely wouldn’t be mistaken for a teenager anymore.”

Was there a moment that stands out that you realize your younger years were over?